Body Fat Measuring Scale

A body fat measuring scale is the most convenient method of measuring your body fat. Having one in your house means that you can check your body fat anytime you want.

The main problem is that the measurements you get from such scales are not completely accurate. Sometimes they can be off as much as several percent. However, another way of looking at this inaccuracy issue is to use the scale as a tool for monitoring body fat changes over time rather than a precise body fat composition measuring instrument.

The reason body fat scales are not accurate is because they actually only estimate your body fat. Once a person steps on the scale a tiny electrical current goes through the body.

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Owing to the fact that the current passes through fat faster than muscle and other tissue, the scale calculates your body fat based on the amount of your body's resistance to the electrical current.

Thus, the scale is only using your body density to calculate the final value. However, depending on what you ate, how much water you had, your skin temperature or if you just got back from the gym, the body fat scale measurement can be thrown off by several percentage points.

Thus, we recommend using body fat scales as monitoring tools for body fat changes instead of actual body fat measuring tools. If you want to measure your body fat more accurately we suggest you read this article on ways to measure body fat.

When you use body fat scales makes sure to use them under the same conditions. In other words, standardize how you take the measurements so that you can get more consistent and accurate results.

This means that you should step on the scale at regular intervals within the same time. In the morning after you get up on a sunday every 3 weeks for example. Making the conditions of each measurement similar will help with accuracy.

There are many body fat scales on the market. The most reputable body fat scale brands out there are Tanita, Taylor, Seca and Escali. They have a wide range of scales that have proven to be quite popular and owning one is inexpensive.

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