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Welcome to the site where you can find effective and printer-friendly fitness training programs and bodybuilding programs.

After you purchase any of the workout plan packages you can download the routines (which are in .PDF format), print them out and use them as you please!

If you would like to see a quick sample of one of our weight lifting programs just click on the link.

Founder's Message

Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Zack (photo strip to the left) and I am the CEO and Founder of fitness-and-bodybuilding-workouts.com.

I am also a Certified Fitness Trainer and a natural bodybuilder.

Finally, I'm also just a regular guy that has been a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast for the past 17 years.

The idea for this website originated from having so many of my friends and family members asking me for advice on fitness and bodybuilding, and more specifically to “compose” fitness training programs or bodybuilding workouts for them.

Thus, I decided to build this website with that specific theme in mind.

I also wanted to go a step further and try to put together a site that would be an all-in-one source of information on everything one needs to get into fitness or bodybuilding.

The site has been written having in mind the beginner level enthusiast but in essence it targets everyone from starters to those who are experienced already and are just seeking an alternative fresh approach or to re-visit the basics to consolidate their understanding.

Our fitness training programs and bodybuilding workouts packages are priced super-competitive and are composed by fitness professionals that know what's what. The routines are easy to understand and you can download them easily!

When I was starting out as a 17-year-old, the internet wasn’t around and I wish I had had the benefit of having an all-in-one source of info on how to build muscle, or what types of supplements to take, where to get a good workout routine etc.

Back then the only source of info were the older more experienced guys that were working out at the gym and muscle magazines that I so diligently collected and read.

The other way of learning was simply by trial and error. Hence, this site is in some way filling a void I once had when I started working out and at the same time helping out new generations of fitness and bodybuilding people.

fitness training programs,

I should mention that I have never done any steroids. I was always a fan of the natural physique. Of course, I take supplements such as whey protein, vitamins, fat burners etc.

Over the years, I've been able to transform my body to be fit enough to do professional fitness modeling and bulk-up enough to be a natural bodybuilder. Thus, I know what it takes to achieve different fitness or bodybuilding goals.

This website is run through regular content contributions by fellow fitness trainers and ex-bodybuilders and even former athletes.

They, much like me, have a wealth of knowledge that I believe many can benefit from and have an undying passion for fitness and bodybuilding.

Thus, our workout plans are all proven and tested programs that truly work if you apply yourself and put in the time at the gym to follow them.

If you would like to read an inspirational article on - why is fitness important - click on the preceding link. It's one of my favorite articles that talks about impacting others by leading a healthy lifestyle.


Zack Micevic - CEO & Founder of fitness-and-bodybuilding-workouts.com

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