Heart Rate and Fat Burning

Heart rate and fat burning go together hand in hand. If you exercise within your target fat burning zone you will speed-up the process of getting rid of unwanted fat.

To determine your optimal fat burning heart rate range you can use this very simple formula:

First we find our Target Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate (THR) = 220 (maximum heart rate) - age

For example:

THR = 220 - 35 = 185 bpm (beats per minute)

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Then we multiply our Target Heart Rate by 0.6 and 0.7 (60% and 70% of target heart rate) to get the optimal fat burning range as illustrated in the exercise zones diagram here.

For example:

Fat burning zone (lower value) = 185bpm x 0.6 = 111bpm

Fat burning zone (upper value) = 185bpm x 0.7 = 129.5bpm

Thus, the optimal heart rate zone for fat burning for a 35 year-old person is from 111 to 130 beats per minute. If the heart rate stays within this range during exercise or training (on a treadmill or exercise bike etc.) fat burning efforts are maximized.

Once the heart rate goes above then endurance/cardio training begins. If the heart rate drops below the fat burning zone, only warm-up or maintenance is achieved.

If you are training and doing exercise and want to burn fat it's a good idea to have a sports heart rate monitor because the heart rate measuring accuracy of treadmills and exercise bikes (the ones which have built-in sensor pads on their handles) are really not precise and are more like gimmicks rather than good measurement devices. Thus, investing in a good sports heart rate monitor is well worth it.

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