Need an Idea for a Protein Smoothie Recipe?

Tired of using the same boring protein smoothie recipe over and over again?

Need some fresh ideas and new recipes to make your protein smoothies more enjoyable?

Most of us at some point need to get more creative and come-up with ways to make our protein smoothies more tasty and fun.

We have a constantly-growing protein smoothies recipe e-book where you will find recipes that you can use to change things up a bit.

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protein smoothie recipe,

protein smoothie recipe,

Remember to have the right "tools" - ie. a good blender that has enough power to do the job. A good blender needs to be able to shred ice cubes and frozen fruit just as easily as it does a fresh banana for example.

We advise that you go for blenders that have a stainless steel base and glass container. Plastic ones start smelling bad after a while. Plastic is plastic and it can never serve you better than glass when it comes to blenders.

In addition, make sure you buy enough protein shaker bottles. They are inexpensive and you can get them almost at any fitness nutrition store. Again, after several months of use they will start smelling bad even after you wash them thoroughly each time.

That is the nature of plastic. To prolong the life of a shaker bottle, never close the lid. Leave it off so that air can get in. This will add a few months onto the lifespan.

However, when they start smelling bad just throw them away and buy new ones. There is nothing worse than drinking a protein shake out of a bad smelling shaker bottle.

If you are interested in non-protein recipes and just want to know how to make a regular smoothie just click on the links in the table below.

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