10 Minute Workout

10 minute workout,

10 Minute Workout - Fat Loss Workout

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author of www.TurbulenceTraining.com

Recently I did a Men's Health magazine article on how to get workouts done faster.

How fast?

I'm talking a 10 minute workout.

I'm sure that right about now you're asking:

How can you possibly lose fat with only 10 minute workout?


What about that rule that says you need at least 20 minutes of cardio to even start the process of burning fat?

First, the whole idea of a fat-burning (with a specified heart rate) zone or a mystical fat-burning time span simply doesn't agree with the common sense approach to the principles of fat loss.

10 minute workout,

The truth is you can lose fat without any cardio whatsoever - so it's pretty clear cut that you don't even need to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes at your fat-burning target heart rate (which would be around 60% of your maximum heart rate depending on your age).

The fact of the matter is that fat loss is a much simpler thing - and that's why I'll show you some routines below that will crank-up your metabolism sky high and help you burn calories like you would not believe - even after you are all done with your workout!

Secondly, the outcome of your workout actually occur when you are out of the the gym rather than during the actual workout itself. That's why the above mentioned increase in the rate of your metabolism is very important. If you put your muscles through the right and intense enough "turbulence" in 10 minutes, you can easily change your body without doing any boring cardio.

So let's take a look at one of my special fat-loss-in-a-hurry workouts: - a 10 minute workout for body sculpting. Let's make an assumption and say that you have only 10 minutes for a workout today - what should you do?

In this case, you will need to put together a warm-up session, strength training and interval training and roll it all into one session. Thus, your efforts will be maximized if you focus on bodyweight training only.

You will not have time to do any isolation type of work. Instead, you will hit the three hot zones on the body for maximum metabolism boosting effects - push muscles, pull muscles and legs.

When doing this you will be hitting all the other muscle groups at the same time as well. Thus, you will do a circuit like this:

10 Minute Workout

1A - Prisoner Squats (advanced option: 1-Leg Squats)
1B - Pushups (advanced option: Spiderman Pushups)
1C - Inverted Rows (advanced option: Pull-ups; easy option: Stick-ups)

The first round of this circuit may, at first glance, appear to be easy. Perform only 25% of the maximum number of repetitions you can do for each exercise. For example, if you can do about 20 pushups, do only 5 in the first (warm-up) circuit/round. That's a warm-up circuit.

After the warm-up you will do as many circuits/rounds as you possibly can for the remainder of the 10 minutes. Just do the 3 exercises back-to-back-to-back. If you absolutely have to, you can rest after the rows/pull-ups for about 30 seconds, but that's it, no more than 30 secs.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with how good and energized you will feel at the end of the 10 minutes. Moreover, your metabolism will be elevated for a much longer period than if you only trained in the fat-burning heart rate zone for 10 minutes.

Now here is another workout option - doing some dumbbell workout routines. The following superset routine will train your entire body and focus on the 3 hot zones.

10 Minute Workout

1A - DB Squat (8 reps per set)
1B - DB Chest Press (8 reps per set)

Use light weights for one set of warm-ups. Then, do as many sets as you possibly can in 10 minutes for the remainder of the workout.

If you find that you have another 10 minutes to spare, then you can up the fat-burning ante and do 10 minutes of intervals.

Thus, do 3 to 5 minutes of exercise specific warm-up.

Then do the intervals for 30 seconds followed by 30 to 60 seconds of rest. Repeat 3 to 6 times. Then you can cool down.

Now let's assume you have 30 minutes for your workout. So, you can do a 30 minute workout instead of only a 10 minute workout. This 30 minute "marathon" workout will give you the best and absolute maximum results.

First, do the bodyweight circuit as outlined above. Do it twice. That will take you roughly 5 minutes to complete.

Then, move into your strength training supersets routine. You will train the entire body by doing only 2 exercises. It's not easy, but try to do 2 supersets at this phase. This will take about 15 minutes because you will do 3 sets of 8 per exercise with no rest between sets (just long enough to allow you enough time to switch exercises).

10 Minute Workout

1A - DB Split Squat (If you have a barbell, use it instead of dumbbells)
1B - Dumbbell Row
2A - Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
2B - Dumbbell Incline Press

Then finish with intervals. Start with a warm-ups, then do each "work" interval for 45 seconds and rest for not more than 60 seconds between each of the intervals. Do 4 to 6 rounds and finish by cooling down.

So there you go, that's all there is to it! Train hard, train safe and train better and smarter than everyone else at the gym.


10 minute workout, About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines.

His extremely popular Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of people around lose fat, gain muscle and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times a week.

For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit www.TurbulenceTraining.com

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