3Day Workout Routine

3day workout routine,

Workout Overview:


  • This 3day workout routine is designed to give you the best of both worlds - muscle mass and definition.

    Although it's a workout that you "only" perform 3 days per week, it's nevertheless a program that is designed to work your whole body.

Muscles Worked

  • Full body

Number of Days Per Week & Duration:

  • 3 days per week. Make sure you get at least 1 day of rest between workout days. You can do it either on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday basis or you can do it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In any case, a 3day workout routine will give you plenty of time to rest.
  • This program should be done 10 to 12 weeks maximum. After this you should change to a different routine to avoid hitting a plateau.

3day workout routine

Recommended Supplements:

  • Pre and post-workout whey protein shakes. Make sure to put in some glutamine powder into each shake. For more on how, when and how much glutamine to use visit our best time to take glutamine page.
  • Animal pack stacked with Animal M stack or Animal Test. More on Animal Pack vitamins here.
  • ZMA capsules right before bedtime. ZMA will help you sleep better, aid with your muscle recovery and most importantly, will boost your natural testosterone levels.
Weight Training Accessories Needed:
  • Tough weightlifting gloves. Go for the ones that are mesh design on top because they allow for more air flow and will make your hands sweat much less.
  • Padded wrist-straps. There are tons of different kinds of straps out there. Look for ones that have some kind of padding. Straps that don't have any padding can be quite irritating for your skin around the wrists and may even pull out hair if you happen to have hairy forearms and wrists.
  • Weight belt. Get an old school leather weightlifting belt. They are the best. If you're a fan of the more modern versions, you can buy a nylon weightlifting belt as well.
  • Strong weight training shoes. Running shoes just aren't tough enough in the long run. Proper weightlifting shoes are the way to go for maximum comfort and stability.

3day workout routine,

3day workout routine,

Chest Sets Reps
bench press 2 12 to 15
dumbbell incline bench press 3 12
dumbbell flys 3 12
smith-machine shoulder press 3 12
dumbbell lat raise 4 12
Arnold press 3 10 to 12
crunches (on exercise ball or floor) 4 to failure
Back Sets Reps
close-grip lat pulldown 4 10
front pull-ups 3 to failure
T-bar row 3 8 to 10
skullcrushers 3 12
triceps cable push-downs 4 12
bent-over alternating dumbbell extensions 3 10 each side
raised leg crunches 3 to failure
Legs Sets Reps
leg extensions 3 12
leg curls 3 12
stiff-leg deadlifts 4 10
calf raise 4 15
barbell bicep curl 3 10 to 12
preacher curls 3 10 to 12
cable crunches 3 to failure

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