Ab Wheel Exercise

Alternate Names: Ab Roll, Ab Rollouts.
STEP 1Get down on your knees and place your hands on the ab wheel.
STEP 2Roll out until your body is parallel with the floor.
STEP 3Pull yourself back up to a semi-upright position using your arms.
STEP 4Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.
Special Notes
This is not an exercise for beginners or people with lower back problems. It may look simple enough, but it's a hard exercise to do. Thus, if you're a complete beginner, it's wise to strengthen your core by doing other more traditional exercises. After a while, when your core and back muscles are strengthened you can easily transition into performing this ab wheel exercise.

In terms of impact, this exercise has one of the best sculpting effects on your mid-section. If you perform this exercise correctly and in a smooth and fluid motion, it will carve out your stomach like you wouldn't believe. Thus, it's a worthwhile exercise for everyone.

If you are feeling shoulder pain while doing this exercise, you may want to stop doing it right away. Once you take a break from this exercise and try it again, if you still feel shoulder pain as you roll out, try rolling out halfway. Doing the exercise like this for a while may help get your shoulder used to the movement and will strengthen the shoulder muscles involved in this exercise.

Finally, if you are doing this exercise at the gym and there's no ab wheel, you can use a short barbell instead. It may not roll as smooth (or as silent) as the ab wheel, but it will work nevertheless. Most gyms however, will have some type of ab wheel lying around because they are really cheap to buy.

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