Abdominal Crunches

STEP 1Lie down on your back onto the floor and bend your legs (to a 90 degree angle) and place your hands either behind your head or to the side of your head on your temples. Keep your elbows spread wide apart.
STEP 2Contract your abs by raising your shoulders off the floor. Imagine you are trying to touch the ceiling with your chest.
STEP 3Repeat the movement.
Special Notes
Make sure you don't hyperextend your neck. Keep your head and neck in a neutral (comfortable for you) position. Also, your lower back should be in contact with the floor at all times during this exercise. If your lower back is lifting off the floor, then you are no longer doing an abs crunch!

This exercise is one of the all-time classics. Over the past years there have been great many a gadget "invented" to help you perform this exercise better. However, most it was hype (very few did in fact help).

Thus, the ultimate verity is that you don't need any ab gadget to do a crunch. All you need is your sweat and hard work. In fact, relying on an exercise gadget to help you with your crunches may even be counter-productive, according to some experts who purport that doing so engages fewer muscles in your core.

We agree with this, and would like to add that anytime you can engage more muscles (even if some of those muscles are not the muscles you are seeking to isolate and hit) is a good thing.

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