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Army Body Fat Worksheet

This army body fat worksheet calculator is based on the extended (and somewhat complex) body fat worksheet that is used in the army. The internal calculations made with this module are quite complicated and we made it easy for you.

Thus, for your convenience we have simplified the calculation process so that you only need to enter 3 or 4 measurements to get your body fat value.

Furthermore we have a calorie calculator you can use and it comes in two flavors: a metric calorie calculator and one using imperial measurements. Try them out here.

In the many other specialized articles placed on this dedicated web site you can find all sorts of useable advice to adjust your actual body fat status to the one you desire to obtain. Keep in mind that burning body fat will require and adjustment in your diet as well as your workout routine.

There are no quick fixes. If a ripped body came in a can or bottle everyone would have one. Thus, be prepared to put in some work at the gym and learn a few things about proper nutrition. Knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat if you want to gain muscle or burn fat will benefit you for the rest of your life. Thus, we suggest reading the pages in our Fitness Nutrition section. There you will find all sorts information about nutrition and proper eating regimens given your goals. After reading the articles you should have a better understanding of how important nutrition is and how to tweak and adjust a current diet or completely construct a new eating plan.

Calculator Instructions:

Just fill in your basic measurements and keep in mind whether you want to use centimeters or inches.

If you are a woman, please fill in your hip size as well.

Try it out and see for yourself.

Body Fat Calculator