Lateral Flexion on Balance Disk

Lateral Flexion on Balance Disk

STEP 1Lie down onto your side and place a balance disc under your hip. The arm facing the floor will be behind your head. The arm facing the ceiling will be on your hip.
STEP 2Laterally flex your body so that you lift your upper body a couple of inches off the floor.
STEP 3Return to the start position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
STEP 4Rest a few seconds and perform the movement with other side.
Special Notes
The important thing with this exercise is to get the disk nice and snug under the curvature of your waist when you turn to your side. Some people don't like this exercise because no matter how they position themselves onto the disk, they still don't feel completely comfortable.

Thus, after you do this exercise a couple of times, you may feel some discomfort. But, that feeling of discomfort is only until your body gets used to the movement. After several times of doing this exercise (on separate occasions) you should feel perfectly comfortable with the exercise. If the discomfort persists, then move on and and find another exercise that can replace this one.

Finally, one thing that can make this exercise a bit inconvenient is if the gym you go to doesn't have any balancing disks. We know that gyms can vary in how well they are equipped. Thus, if your local gym doesn't have this you may need to find an alternate exercise to replace this one. We suggest not to improvise too much with this exercise. In other words, don't place just anything under your body to mimic the balancing disk because you will most likely feel uncomfortable.

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