Dave Batista Wrestler Workout for Huge Mass

Taking only one look at Batista wrestler and his tremendous physique will most definitely impress you.

He has been called a "specimen" and most agree with this since it's really hard to find any muscle group on his body that is lacking in development.

Unlike most other professional wrestlers, Dave Batista does have a bodybuilding background.

Thus, it's easy to understand why his muscular development is so complete.

He not only has great muscle mass thickness but also excellent muscle definition and muscle separation. This is something that you will see only on world class bodybuilding champions and top competitors.

batista wrestler,

The workout below is an exercise regimen that will give you a complete body workout and is designed for you to focus on Dave Batista wrestler physique elements that he is known for.

While all his muscles groups are built up, it's still hard not to notice his massive back, arms and legs.

With this workout you will be putting a lot of effort on your entire body with special focus on your back.

Building a massive and impressive back is by no means easy as the back is the largest muscle group in your upper body (it makes up close to 70% of your upper body mass).

This workout should be followed for 12 weeks - closely. No cheating and no slacking off! Twelve weeks means an honest 12 weeks!

This is an advanced level workout. If you're a beginner don't even think about doing it.

batista wrestler,

batista wrestler,

Dave Batista Wrestler Workout for Huge Mass

MONDAYS - Chest & Abs

E x e r c i s eS e t s
incline barbell bench press108 to 96 to 7/
flat bench dumbbell press101010/
decline bench dumbbell flys121212/
parallel bar dips1210//
ab crunches30303030
After a couple of weeks, if the dips get too easy, add weight and do them with a dip belt and keep adding weight plates. Always keep within the designated rep range.

With ab crunches, if you can do more than 30, just keep going until complete failure!

TUESDAYS - Biceps & Calves

E x e r c i s eS e t s
standing barbell curl108 to 96 to 7/
concentration curl121212/
skull crushers101010/
one-arm cable triceps pushdown121212/
standing calve raises201612/
With biceps exercises go heavy, blast the hell out of them every time!

When you do your calves, do them with your toes slightly in one week, and then the following week do them with your toes slightly out because calves are a stubborn muscle group, so you need to introduce variety as much as you can and as often as you can!

WEDNESDAYS - Rest or Optional Cardio & Abs

On these days you can rest. If you want you can do some cardio and abs (rope crunches or hanging leg raises). If you do cardio, don't do more than 30 minutes at medium intensity on a treadmill or exercise bike.


E x e r c i s eS e t s
barbell squat108 to 96 to 7/
leg extensions121212/
leg curls1086/
leg raises20202020
seated calve raises20161412
This is a demanding day. You need to be at full strength when you walk into the gym to do your leg workout day.

FRIDAYS - Back & Shoulders

E x e r c i s eS e t s
lat pull-ups108 to 96 to 7/
one-arm bent-over dumbbell row1086/
military shoulder press1086/
barbell shrugs1086/
The deadlift is the "big daddy" of back muscle building exercises. This is the exercise that will get your back bulging and big just like Batista wrestler. Only do 2 sets, but kill it! Rest plenty (at least 2 minutes) between sets on this day!


The weekend is for relaxing and resting. Don't do any physical activity that is too demanding and don't be cheating on your meals or drinking too much either, otherwise this Dave Batista wrestler workout won't be as effective.

Dave Batista Wrestler Workout for Huge Mass


Things to keep in mind and follow:
1. Always push yourself and try to increase the weights on each exercise every week (while staying within the designated rep ranges).

2. Eat well. Take in about 1.5 to 1.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Your muscle building diet should be 30% protein, 50% carbs from sources like beans, rice, pasta, whole grains and potatoes. Fat is 20% from healthy sources like almonds and olive oil for example. Go to our eating to build muscle mass page to read in more detail about muscle building nutrition.

3. Eat 5 to 7 meals per day, evenly spaced (no more than 3 hours apart). Your pre and post workout meals should be in the form of whey protein shakes. Go to our free bodubuilding diet plans page to download a complete nutrition plan to complement this Batista wrestler workout plan.

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