Reverse Bench Crunches

STEP 1Lay down on the bench on your back and hold it on the sides with both hands just above your head.
STEP 2Bend your knees 90 degrees and raise your legs up and bring your knees up towards your shoulders.
STEP 3Go far enough up so that your hips also curl back towards your shoulders and lift off the bench too.
STEP 4Return to the start position and repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.
Special Notes
Do this exercise in a smooth and controlled manner. Don't jerk your legs up. When you are returning your legs back down, do it slowly also. This negative (downward) movement is very effective.

We feel it's important to mention that this exercise is not the ideal exercise for beginners because it does require that you have an already fairly solid mid-section. Should you try this exercise as a beginner you will find it more challenging and might feel soreness in your abdominals for days afterwords. Thus, for beginners we suggest doing core exercises with a lesser degree of difficulty.

In addition, this exercise requires a sturdy and heavy enough bench. The last thing you want to do is have your balance affected by a bench that is to feeble. Therefore, pick your benches wisely. The best type of bench to use for this exercise is the bench press because it's heavy and stable. However, the problem with that is if you're in a busy gym other people may not like you taking up a bench press for doing core exercises.

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