Best Bicep Workout

best bicep workout,

Workout Overview


  • The best bicep workout blasts and shocks your biceps into maximum growth. The workout we designed here will do just that.

    The first three weeks you will focus on loading-up on the weights and lifting as much as you can.

    The next three weeks are designed to further the growth process and keep you from hitting a plateau.

    The last three weeks are designed to add muscle separation and give shape to your biceps.

best bicep workout, build big arms,

Muscles Worked:

  • Biceps - upper and lower

Number of Days Per Week & Duration:

  • This workout should be performed 2 times a week with at least 48 hours of rest between each workout. You can incorporate this workout together with your regular workouts. If you do so, do this workout on days you exercise your legs or chest.

    The total duration of the program is 9 weeks, although it can be extended by another 1 or 2 weeks by adding a week to the weeks 1,2 & 3 and/or weeks 4,5 & 6 workout phases.

Recommended Supplements:

  • You need to take a pre and post-workout whey protein shake (for ideas on protein smoothies go here - protein smoothie recipe).

    In addition, we suggest taking a nitric oxide supplement to help energize and volumize your muscles. This will turbocharge your workouts and give you a great pump and elevate your energy levels.

    At bedtime we suggest taking a ZMA supplement to help you with your sleep, muscle recovery and to elevate your testosterone levels.

    Finally, a multivitamin and mineral supplement like Animal Pak (go to the animal pack vitamins page to learn more) would be good as well to supply your body with the much-needed vitamins and minerals it has used up and depleted during your vigorous workouts.

    Without supplements, even the best bicep workout will not be as effective as WITH supplements. Simply put, good supplements and a proper diet are the other part of the muscle-building equation!

Weight Training Acessories Needed:

  • Weightlifting gloves. Bicep workouts are especially hard on your palms. Make sure you have tough, quality gloves. They are an investment to protect your from having lumberjack palms.

best bicep workout, build big arms,

Best Bicep Workout

Weeks 1, 2 & 3
standing barbell curl26
preacher curl38 to 10
alternating incline hammer curl310/side
cable curl312
Weeks 4, 5 & 6
wide-grip standing barbell curl38 to 10
one-arm seated dumbbell curl312/side
one-arm dumbbell preacher curl412
bicep machine curl412
Weeks 7, 8 & 9
Superset #1
close-grip EZ-bar curl412
superset with...
seated hammer curl412
Superset #2
incline bench dumbbell curl412
superset with...
concentration curl412 to 14
Superset #3
barbell preacher curl310 to 12
superset with...
close-grip cable curl412

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