Best Bodybuilding Workouts

best bodybuilding workouts,

Looking for the best bodybuilding workouts?

Are you bodybuilding for mass or for general fitness?

You can target your entire body in two ways.

You can use a split system that utilizes different workouts at each gym visit and go to the gym four or five days a week.

Or, you can do one total body workout at each gym visit, with change-ups to avoid plateaus, three or four days per week.

If your goal is to build mass, then splits are your best bets, going to the gym five days a week.

Focusing on different muscle sets from day to day keeps your burn and your build climbing. Take two days a week completely off; on one of those days you can do up to 45 minutes of cardio on a treadmill or stationary bike if you want.

If you’re going for a total body workout on each gym visit, you achieve a calorie burn that removes fat from your muscles. This is beneficial as part of an overall wellness program, but you won’t build a lot of mass.

No matter which option you choose, resting muscle groups between bodybuilding workouts is vital. Your muscles are still working on days when they’re rested, reacting to the workouts you’ve done. And remember that maintaining form is much more important than the number of reps.

Best Bodybuilding Workouts - Total Body Workout

Maybe the total body workout is best for you because you don’t have the time to visit the gym five days a week. And it’s much more than just making the rounds of the machines at the gym.

In a total body workout, you concentrate on muscle contraction utilizing heavy weights that create massive resistance, just like the competitive bodybuilder. You can’t scrimp on energy by using light weights at the beginning of the session so that you’ll still be going strong at the end of it. Weights that challenge you are necessary throughout the entire workout.

best bodybuilding workouts,

When you’re putting your routine together, choose one or two routines for each muscle group.

For example, on one day you might do incline bench presses or chest dips, but not both. Other times you’ll work your back and biceps with upright rows and wide grip chip-ups on one day, and alternating cable pulls with bent over dumbbell raises the next.

You can use our printable bodybuilding programs for total body workouts.

You can print a workout on either small cards or as full-sized sheets; print two copies.

Mark one copy for Days 1 and 3 and mark the other for Days 2 and 4. Highlight one or two routines for each muscle group on the Days 1/3 copy and highlight the remaining routines for the Days 2/4 copy.

It’s useful to have your workouts predetermined so that you don’t waste time at the gym deciding which routines to do, and you don’t waste time between exercises. And on some days, reverse your exercises, start with the last one on the list and work you way up to the first one. This is a way to create muscle confusion, which prevents plateaus.

Best Bodybuilding Workouts - Targeted (Split) Bodybuilding

As you begin a targeted bodybuilding program, your focus is on building mass. As you progress to intermediate and then advanced levels you’ll concentrate more on muscle definition. Beginners also have a tendency to over-train certain body areas. For example, if you’re building a strong general chest, don’t neglect the upper chest. And don’t make the mistake of starting with dumbbells, you should begin with barbells.

If you’re a beginner concentrating on splits, don’t castigate yourself if you need days off here and there. The beginner’s muscles take longer to recover from each workout session. As you progress into an intermediate level, you’ll realize you no longer need to miss days. It’s true that the intermediate bodybuilder’s diet regimen is more ingrained than the beginner’s, and this adds to staying power. As you progress you’ll become comfortable with your mix of carbs, proteins, and fats, along with vitamins and supplements.

Beginners also have more gains per month than intermediate or advanced builders. That’s why progressing athletes look for tips like change-ups in their routines, shorter rest intervals between sets, and incorporating super sets or drop sets. As your bodybuilding workout evolves, remember to watch for over-training. If you find you’re losing power, then back off a little.

Best Bodybuilding Workouts - Things to Remember

You’re considered a beginner for the first year or two of bodybuilding. The intermediate level is from two through five years. Anything over five or six years is advanced. So don’t rush yourself. Don’t keep looking in the mirror and expect to see results. Don’t treat the gym as a playground; it’s called a workout for a reason.

In addition to our downloadable workout routines, we have video demonstrations so you can do the exercises in proper form. Everything on this website is entirely free; we never ask you to pay a fee to access additional information at some point. We always invite your comments, because they form the basis for real forums.

Never forget your supplementation. Glycogen, protein, glutamine, creatine, and more: Visit our pages on supplements for additional information.

There is no ONE single best bodybuilding workout. Different routines work for different people. Different workouts should be cycled at different times if you want to obliterate plateaus. But the best bodybuilding workouts all have three things in common: They do allow for sufficient rest between workouts. They target the full body. And they are complemented by the appropriate supplements.

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