What are the best FAT BURNING EXERCISES?

Our featured article reveals THE MOST EFFECTIVE methods for Reducing Fat!

Best Fat Burning Exercises

There is no ONE single best exercise to burn body fat. There are different ways you can achieve fat reduction. Read on to find out how and why.

Best Fat Burning Exercises - Cardio

The best exercise to burn fat is cardio exercise. However, molding and reshaping your body into a lean, mean and strong physique can't be achieved with cardio exercise alone.

When incorporated with other methods, cardiovascular exercise is a powerful means for reducing body fat.

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There are many aspects that you need to consider and implement in order to make cardiovascular exercise effective.

You don't need to do cardio for hours for it to be effective, it just has to be done correctly.

The most common belief is that you should do a lot of cardio if you want it to be effective is simply not true and will waste your time and force your body into overtraining mode.

The way to do cardio is to perform high intensity cardio because this will keep your metabolism spiked even when you are resting.

Best Fat Burning Exercises - Weight Training

Many believe that weight training is THE best exercise for fat reduction. However, your should understand that weight training is most effective for burning fat if it’s combined with proper nutrition and proper cardio exercise.

The total number of calories that your body will burn when it's at rest is directly related to the amount of lean muscle mass you have. Your body uses more fat as its primary source of fuel when your training is intense.

The combination of weight training and cardio exercise is the most powerfull one-two punch that you can have for burning fat. Thus, to maximize results you have to perform both types of exercises. Doin only one will yeild results that will take much longer.

Additional Fat Burning "Exercise" - Proper Nutrition

Although proper nutrition is not an "exercise" you must include it in your total approach. It's hard for results to materialize if you only do weightlifting and cardio but do not eat properly.

Therefore, to see the best possible results in the shortest amount of time you should include cardio, weight training and proper nutrition.

The synergy effect that these three methods create - cardio, weight training and proper nutrition - will give fat no chance for survival!


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