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Best Muscle Building Workout - The Best Exercises for Muscle Gain

So, what do you think is the most common muscle gain exercise?

It's the bicep curl.

You will see tons of people at the gym trying all variations of the bicep curl in an attempt to get big muscular arms.

However, truth is that this is a waste of time. Yeah, it’s true!

You won't get big "guns" by performing 5 sets of bicep curls. Why? The reason is actually very simple.

The human body is not made up of different body parts that have been put together. Rather, it's a living biological organism that works as a ONE single entity.

You can't expect to see big gains in one part of the body without working the remainder of the body.

Think about it for a moment.

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Did you ever see a really thin guy with 18 inch biceps?

Of course not.

Isolation-type exercises like bicep curls, dumbbell raises and tricep push-downs allow you to focus on working out a single specific part of the body at a time. However, this is not practically possible although it may sound right in theory.

This brings us to the main question: What are the best muscle building workouts?

Well, the best muscle building workouts around have been time tested and proven to work.

Such muscle gain exercises are practiced by some of the most renowned strongmen. So, what exercises am I talking about?

Compound exercises!

Compound exercise workouts are named such because they don't just work one single isolated muscle. Instead, they simultaneously work all the muscles in the body . Through imitating natural movements, they help make your entire body stronger and more muscular.

Deadlifts, squats, bench presses and overhead presses are some of the calssic examples of compound exercises.

This doesn't sound exciting?

You have to understand that there is nothing new about these compound exercises. They are tough exercises and that’s the main reason they are not very popular among novice lifters.

Many bodybuilders make the mistake of doing exercises that are easier to perform. However, keep in mind that choosing the easy way will not lead to muscle gain. You have to perform proven compound exercises if you're seriously looking to gain muscle gain.

Compound exercises are the most effective and best muscle building workouts you can possibly do. However, this doesn't mean that that you should completely forget about isolation exercises.

There are three main reasons why the best muscle building workouts are compound exercises.

  1. You can lift the highest amount of total weight with a compound exercise.
  2. Compound exercises stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers at once.
  3. Compound exercises create the highest anabolic effect on your body.
For many decades people have considered the deadlift to be the "king of upper body exercises" and the barbell squat to be the most effective exercise for increasing lower body mass.

Consistently adding weight and mre repetitions to these basic compound exercises should be the main focus of your muscle gain exercises. Simply said, compound exercises provide you with the greatest returns on your efforts at the gym.

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