Best Stretching Routines

Best Stretching Routines for Flexibility

By Joey Atlas, M.S., Exercise Physiology
Creator of The Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover DVD Fitness Program

Lower back stiffness, tightness in the neck and shoulders, general muscle aches and tight leg muscles are frequently occuring conditions that affect many people, from everyday people to elite athletes.

The National Center for Health Statistics states that 14% of new patient visits to physicians are regarding complaints of lower back pain and body stiffness. Lack of proper stretching exercises is a primary factor in most cases.

When we estimate the number of people that don’t seek a doctor's advice or seek traditional treatment, such as physical therapy, the number is probably double. The interesting thing is that most of these problems can be cured with a series of simple stretching exercises for the whole body.

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Avoiding stretching exercises and lack of knowledge regarding best stretching routines and limited flexibility are three causes of lower back pain, overall body stiffness and muscle tightness.

The biggest complaint from many sufferers is that they wake up with morning stiffness and backache on a daily basis. They also say that some days are worse than others depending on the previous day’s activities and overnight sleeping position.

Flexibility and stretching is the most underestimated element of health and fitness. Best stretching routines done three times per week can literally wipe out a majority of lower back aches. However, many people are clueless about this, even most personal trainers don’t know.

Best Stretching Routines - Stretching Exercise Strategies:

  • Ease into a stretching program. Don’t force the stretches – just try to stay in a comfortable range of motion.
  • Be consistent. Three to five stretching sessions per week is optimal. If you want to, and have the time, you can do stretching exercises every day also – and you don’t always have to do the same stretch program.
  • If at any point you feel pain - stop! Slight discomfort is acceptable and normal, but pain is not. Don’t do any stretches if they hurt.
  • The best stretching routines don't require expensive equipment. You can perform stretches on a mat with a towel, belt or a piece of rope in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you are not sure how to stretch hire a fitness professional or invest in a few stretching exercise videos. Consider this an investment in your health.
  • Do your stretching first thing in the morning and right before bed if you can because these are the times that yield the best results.
Lack of flexibility can result in chronic symptoms and even injury for people at any age. Stretching routines are not complicated and can be performed daily in as little as ten minutes.


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This former 'fat kid' has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to helping women get fit and sexy - PERMANENTLY.

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