Best Time To Take Glutamine

Best Time to Take Glutamine - Function and Benefits

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code.

In human blood glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid (protein building block).

The most relevant glutamine producing organ is the muscle mass accounting for about 90% of all glutamine synthesized.

To minor parts glutamine is released by the lungs and the brain. Glutamine is involved in more metabolic processes in the body than any other amino acid.

Fitness and Bodubuilding Benefits

  • used for muscle growth in weightlifting, bodybuilding, endurance, and other sports.
  • promotes faster post-workout muscle recovery and regeneration
  • reduced the catabolic effect (the process by which the body breaks down its own muscle tissue to fuel recovery)

For a full list of benefits go to our benefits of L Glutamine page.

Best Time to Take Glutamine - Workout Days

Before Workout - at least 30 minutes (but no more than 90 minutes) before your workout take 5 grams of glutamine. If you buy the powdered form the scoop size will be provided in the container.

If you bought capsules just follow the instructions on the container which will tell you what the capsule size is. Most common capsule sizes are 500mg and 1000mg. One 500mg capsule is the same as one scoop of powdered glutamine.

If you are taking it in powder form its best to mix in it with your pre-workout whey protein shake. Taking glutamine before your workout will ensure that your body uses energy only from food sources or the protein shake you ingested prior to the workout instead of breaking down hear-earned muscle tissue to fuel its workout.

After Workout - with 30 minutes after your workout you need to take another 5 grams (1 scoop provided with the container or 1 rounded teaspoon) of glutamine.

If you have a post-workout whey protein shake it's best to mix in the glutamine with that. If you will have a healthy post workout meal then simple take your glutamine with your favorite non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage (orange juice, water, gatorade).

The post-workout period is especially important because this is the time when the body is in recovery and rebuilding mode. Thus, by taking glutamine right after your workout you will minimize the catabolic tendencies of the body to break down muscle tissue to aid in its recovery process. The last thing you want is for your body to break down muscle tissue that you have worked hard for at the gym! Thus, this is the best time to take glutamine and ensure optimal muscle gain.

Best Time to Take Glutamine - Non-Workout Days

Morning Time - after you wake up take 5 grams of glutamine (if in powder form this is one small scoop which is provided with the container) or 1 capsule (500mg size) with your favorite morning non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage. Water is best although you can take it with any other natural (this means without sugar) juice.

Before Bedtime - just before you go to sleep take 5 grams of glutamine or 1 capsule (500mg). The rationale behind this is simple.

Namely, sleep time is recovery and rebuilding time for our body and muscles. Thus, by taking glutamine right before bedtime you will minimize the catabolic mode our body tends to go into whereby it breaks down muscle tissue to help its recovery.

Although you are not working out you need to know that it takes our muscles at least 48 hours to recover and rebuild. Thus, taking glutamine on non-workout days is equally important.

Glutamine supplements come in 2 basic forms:

Deciding which form is most convenient is entirely up to each individual person. I personally have been using the powder form for many years because I mix it in with my pre and post-workout shakes on my workouts days. On non-workout days I mix the glutamine with a glass of water or Gatorade.

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