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Bodybuilding Workout Routines - The GET BIG Workout Routine

By Morris Mendez, Professional Competitive Bodybuilder
Author of Maximum Muscle Mass

This is one of those bodybuilding workout routines that focuses on basic movements. This workout makes use of heavy weights and good form for all lifts. These exercises are at the core of any good muscle-building program.

Don't look at a champ's pre-contest weight-training routine as a model for your mass-building program. For instance, Lee Labrada uses a different exercise than the bench press for his chest msucles, but he does note that the bench press has a place in the regimen of any novice bodybuilder trying to build muscle size.

This GET BIG workout can be split into two workout sessions if you want. In fact, it's better to split it into two separate sessions so you can fully recuperate and utilize the body's ability to focus on just a few muscle groups per workout.

It is much wiser to concentrate all your intensity on a few heavy-duty exercises instead of a prolonged workout which will burn you out quickly and lower your growth capabilities.

This full workout should be performed once every 5 or 6 days. However, if you opt for the split then perform half of the workout on one day, take a couple of days off, and then perform the other half. Rest 2 or 3 days then repeat the cycle again. The best way would be to do the squat and deadlift on separate workouts since having both in one workout session is not wise because it's too demanding.

Use the squat plus two other exercises in one workout and use the deadlift and three other exercises for the second workout.

Always warm-up before starting. Focus on lifting weights smoothly. Use heavy (enough) weights so that the last two repetitions are extremely hard to bang-out. It's wise to have a spotter for all heavy-duty lifting, especially for heavy bench presses and squats. Again, if you split the workout into two separate sessions be sure to rest at least a couple between each workout.

---Bodybuilding Workout Routines - GET BIG ROUTINE---

Bench presses
3 to 4
6 to 10
Military Press
5 to 8
Weighted dips
Heavy curls
6 to 10
5 to 8
10 to 20
Stiff-leg deadlifts
2 to 3
10 to 15

Mental Focus

The mind plays an very important role in all aspects of training your body. It's especially crucial when working with heavy weights necessary for building muscle mass.

So, always be focused. One trick that many competitive lifters use is to spend a few minutes before the each workout getting mentally ready for the upcoming tough workout. Military men do the same - Special Forces teams are shut in a solitary room to go over their mission many times in their heads before they embark of their mission.

This mental strategy works very well for training the body. So, try to spend time alone in a quiet place with no distractions just thinking through your upcoming workout.

During the workout - also use your mind - don't leave it in the car or locker room. Make your mind take control every time your body wants to quit.

Override the pain by pushing yourself just a little further each time before you quit. The powerful Franco Columbu once noted: "The bodybuilder who wins out over the bench press - and goes on to test the true limits of his strength - simply learns to trust his power rather than fear the pain. And that's far more a test of concentration than brute strength".

Therefore, use your mind to cultivate a positive attitude and a belief that you can succeed at lifting heavier weights and building a bigger, more muscular body.

The following bodybuilding workout routine should be used for 3 or 4 months steady. If you are pushing yourself, eating and resting right, you will notice a definite increase in muscle size.


bodybuilding workout routines,

bodybuilding workout routines,

About the Author

Morris Mendez is the author of a revolutionary new training protocol called Maximum Muscle Mass.

He shares the secrets that took him to professional level as a natural drug free bodybuilder.

What he shares with you will turn the muscle building tables in your favor. Check-out more of his bodybuilding workout routines and learn more about the Maximum Muscle Mass Program.

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