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Creating effective and printable bodybuilding programs is WHAT WE DO, and if your looking for the best bodybuilding workouts, we are confident that you will like our workouts.

If you have questions about the ideal regimen to build your muscles, as opposed to just getting fit and toned, we encourage you to read all the information on this page (below).

You will have certain things answered and read about how most bodybuilders prefer to mix up their routines so that they get the best of both worlds.

We also have a number of free workout programs and everything else you need right on this website to cover all the major points on bodybuilding and help you gain muscle mass quickly.

Thus, if you are fairly new to bodybuilding DO read what is on this page.

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Bodybuilding vs. Fitness

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So, what IS the main difference between a bodybuilders and fitness buffs?

Bodybuilders focus on intense training that targets specific muscle groups. You'll find that bodybuilding routines give you strength and more massive muscles (go here for muscle mass workouts).

Fitness is a term that describes general efforts to get your body into shape. It can include a cardio routine, light lifting or training on pulley or plate-loaded machines, or other ways to tone up your muscles.

Most bodybuilders combine the two for an optimal exercise plan. Many of them devote four or five days (sometimes even six) to workouts (although it is indeed possible to get a full-body workout doing a 3day workout routine) and at each gym session they target a different group of muscles.

On the remaining days, it's wise to let muscles rest and repair themselves. Some people like to devote them to cardio workouts such as an aerobics class, cycling, swimming, or another activity that provides total-body benefits.

Here you can learn when to go for more reps and lighter weights, versus fewer reps and heavier weights, and when to back off from training. You can also learn which burns more calories-lifting weights or a cardio class. Hint: Many people are surprised.

There's no doubt that being fit gives you an overall glow of good health. People who work out-no matter which track they choose-look better and feel better. Their stamina and flexibility improve.

Besides the advantages we've just mentioned, working out can improve the appearance of your skin through better circulation and breathing techniques. It relieves stress by ridding the body of the hormones and other biochemicals that our brains dump into the bloodstream. People who exercise regularly develop a level of concentration and focus that extends into other parts of their lives.

Proper bodybuilding workouts should not only enable you to gain muscle mass through workouts to build muscle and enable you to achieve natural muscle growth, they should also help you achieve the highly coveted quality. Quality means good muscle definition and thickness with enough muscle separation.

An essential part of all that are the workout routines for toning.

Nutrition for Bodybuilders

Most people approach fitness and bodybuilding without the first idea of proper nutrition.

Your body needs a certain amount of calories in order to build muscles (click here for list of muscle building foods).

Also, you need to know more about foods that speed metabolism and burn fat if you want to achieve a more defined ("ripped") look.

Bottom line is, you cannot even begin to approach success without learning about the proper ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that you should consume depending on what kind of results you want to achieve.

We address those issues on our fitness nutrition page, and we have a special teen fitness nutrition page just for teenagers.

Also, we've created some very practical free bodybuilding diet plans for you to use. This is the perfect addition to bodybuilding workouts that will help you achieve results at an accelerated rate.


You can also become educated about the many, many types of exercise equipment. We can tell you what you're likely to need for specific focuses-abdominal exercisers, stretching equipment, stability equipment, weights, and more. Look over our content page for an idea of what you need to get started.


Whether you're a young adult just getting started, a dedicated power lifter, a senior citizen, or a teenager, we have supplement information for you. Protein powders are probably the number-one, all-around most useful supplement. But if you have questions about creatine, EFAs, glutamine, or others - it's all here. And we specifically do not recommend steroids.

We are serious about giving young lifters the message that they should not fall for get-ripped-quick ads in magazines and on other websites.

Click here to go to our extensive bodybuilding supplement review page. Also read this very informative article on muscle building supplements and find out which supplements to include on your checklist if you are serious about your bodybuilding workouts and building muscle.

Everything in One Place

On this website we want to provide everything we just mentioned above in addition to the bodybuilding workouts. We have something for everyone.

Maybe you're taking your first steps into the world of bodybuilding, looking for some sound advice on where to start. In that case you will need some bodybuilding for beginners guidance. And if you're a seasoned vet, we will always have something new to share with you, the latest cutting-edge news in the bodybuilding world.

We offer a free newsletter, and when you sign up for it we will keep you up to date on the latest bodybuilding trends, new workouts programs, health & nutrition information etc.

We take a lot of pride in our printable bodybuilding workouts; most other bodybuilding websites are over-commercialized and may look great and flashy in tems of web design but fail to deliver what is realy important - SUBSTANCE! And

Our downloadable charts are unique to this site - you won't find them anywhere else. We have workout routines geared for beginning, intermediate or advanced bodybuilders.

Whether your looking at building leg muscle, build chest muscles (click for massive pecs workout), build big arms (click here for the best bicep workout), calf workouts, a free ab workout, proper deadlift technique instructions or a full body exercise program - we have all kinds of workouts!

Furthermore, we would also like to remind you that you can download a free printable workout log if you want to keep track of your bodybuilding workouts and monitor your progress more easily.

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