Calculate Ideal Body Weight

If you want to learn how to calculate ideal body weight instead of just using a calculator script (see our what should I weigh calculator), we will teach you how in just a few easy steps.

The easiest way to figure out your ideal body weight is by using the Body Mass Index (BMI), which is widely used and considers factors such as your height and weight to determine ideal body weight.

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Here's how to calculate your BMI:

  1. Write down your height and weight in inches and pounds.

    For example, you are 72 inches tall and weigh 195lbs

  2. Multiply your height by that same number

    72 x 72 = 5184

  3. Divide your bodyweight by the answer you got in step 2

    195 / 5184 = 0.0376

  4. Finally, to get your BMI, multiply your answer from step 3 by 703

    0.0376 x 703 = 26.4

Thus, your BMI is 26.4

According to the World Health Organization this is how BMI numbers are interpreted:


BMI Interpretation Chart

18 and underunderweight
19 to 25healthy normal weight
25 to 29 overweight
30 and overobese

We must note that the BMI doesn't take into consideration body fat percentage. This is the main fault with using the BMI.

For example, if you are a muscular and fit person, chances are you will have more lean body muscle mass than the average person and you may fall into the "overweight" category according to the BMI interpretation chart. Thus, as you can see, the BMI doesn't accurately represent your level of health and fitness.

Thus, we wouldn't suggest using the BMI index for athletes or fitness and bodybuilding practitioners.

The BMI is a guide mostly used for people (non-athletes) who have a regular lifestyle.

In any case, always use the BMI number as a general and rough guide. Don't get stressed out if you fall a little bit above or bellow the normal weight zone.

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