Calf Muscle Building

Calf Muscle Building - How to Build Big Calves

By Jason Ferruggia, Men's Fitness Magazine Columnist & Head Training Advisor
Author of Muscle Gaining Secrets

Building big calves is something I worked on for many years as a kid, since my genetics gave me calves like string beans.

After much experimentation, I finally realized that high volume training is the best for calf muscle building.

Calves are the hardest muscle to build and if you do just a few sets for them you won't get far.

My calves responded when I hit them hard with high volume. I'll do this for a month and then I when I get bored to tears I stop training calves again for another year.

Also, you can't really tolerate high volume loading too long because at some point you will start developing ankle/achilles problems. If you are an athlete and you run or jump a lot as part of your training, don't even think about doing high volume calf work.

But if calf muscle building is something that you obsess over, and you want to get them biger then you need to increase your volume and frequency.

calf muscle building,

I once put two inches on my calves in just over one month!

Don't get me wrong, my calves are still not huge, but my point is that you can add significant size to your calves if you put your mind to it.

They were Arnold's worst and most lacking bodypart and he dedicated much time and effort to bringing them up.

He used to cut off his pants at the knee so he would suffer the embarrassment of having his calves exposed wherever he went. That was his calf muscle building motivational "technique".

Ok, so let me tell you what workout options you have to get big calves.

One option is to do a calf muscle building set between every set of every exercise you do during your workout. You have to go heavy, get a good deep stretch and hold it for a second at the bottom and get all the way up on your big toe at the top while flexing your calves as hard as you can. When you do standing calves your knees should be slightly bent on the way down and then completely locked-out on your way up.

Another option is to start your workout (or each lower body day) with calve muscle building. One day per week you would do heavy standing calf raises for 5-10 sets (5-8 reps) and the other day you would do seated calf raises for 4-5 sets (15-30 reps).

Also consider training the tibialis anterior muscles - muscles that run down the front of your shin. Some people tend to develop imbalances from too much ankle extension and not enough ankle flexion. If this happens, the calves won't grow. You can train these muscles by hanging your feet off the end of a bench and by holding a dumbbell between them. You flex your feet up toward you for a few sets of 10-20 reps, two times a week.

After you finish with standing, seated and donkey calf raises and the tib raises, try doing farmer walks for five to ten minutes on your toes the entire time. This will absolutely knock the socks of your calves.

Finally, finish up your calf muscle building workout with 10-20 minutes of jump rope.

The above strategies should get anyone’s calves to grow in a matter of a couple of months. Make sure you ease into the extra volume slowly and take a break if your ankles start to bother you.

If you are currently only performing 3-4 sets of calves twice per a week, you should add a set or two at every workout until you get up to about 10 sets or so. Ten hard and heavy sets plus farmers walks and the jump-rope should be enough for most people to add an inch or more in a month.

Now that you know how to add muscle mass to you calves find more information on adding size to the rest of your body by visiting my website below.


calf muscle building,

About the Author

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible.

He is the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his a monthly column dedicated to muscle building.

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