Causes of Shoulder Pain - Why You're Suffering From Shoulder Pain & How to Cure It

By Joe Brent, Shoulder Pain Specialist
Author of Shoulder Pain No More

The causes of shoulder pain vary, but no matter what the cause of your shoulder pain is, the good news is you can beat it! I suffered from shoulder pain in the past due to a torn rotator cuff, but I cured the pain using special techniques that I'll share with you.

However, first let's take a look at some of the main reasons people experience shoulder pain:

  • Rotator cuff strains or tears
  • Imbalances between your shoulder, back and chest muscles
  • Nerve Impingement
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder or bicep tendonitis
  • Bursitis or capsulitis
  • Poor posture

causes of shoulder pain,

All of these causes of shoulder pain can develop gradually over time or they can happen resulting from sudden trauma (sports or weight lifting injuries).

So, what can be done to get rid of shoulder pain?

Fortunately, shoulder pain can be treated with proper physiotherapy exercises.

This may sound complicated, but don't don't worry because really isn't! All you need to do is perform a few correct stretches and exercises, all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home.

I tried going to the doctor, but the only thing he did was prescribe rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. That worked for a short while, but my shoulder pain came back as soon as I stopped taking the medication. That is when I realized I needed something better, so I began researching various effective physiotherapy treatments for shoulder pain.

The new and innovative techniques I found worked very well. I recovered completely in just a few weeks and now my shoulder is at 100% again.

Stretches are really great because they loosen-up your shoulder and improve flexibility and mobility. They keep the shoulder joint supple while reducing pain.

Exercises are another great method to use because they strengthen the inner muscles of the shoulder as well as the tendons. They also have the effect of stimulating the healing process and repairing damaged muscle tissue. This is what ultimately cures shoulder pain.

When combined together, these techniques resolve the majority of shoulder pain problems. Thus, you can aviod resorting to risky surgery or expensive electronic gadgets.

In my book I included the special stretches and exercises I uncovered during my exhaustive research. To get more information on the book and use the same techniques to get rid of your shoulder pain problems visit my website below.


causes of shoulder pain,

About the Author

Joe Brent is a renowned shoulder pain expert and has helped many men and women cure shoulder pain by developing a unique shoulder pain relief program that is a culmination of hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of dozens of medical and sports professionals.

Joe Brent's program explains the anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanisms of possible injury and the rationale for choosing specific treatments and exercises. His readers are provided with a detailed manual to direct their particular recovery program in the comfort of their own homes.

For more information on how he can help you with shoulder pain relief visit www.shoulderpainnomore.com

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