3-Point Core Ball Exercise Forward Roll

STEP 1Start by placing your forearms on the exercise ball with your feet firmly anchored on the floor.
STEP 2Keep your upper body parallel to the position of your forearms and tuck your belly in towards your spine a bit.
STEP 3Move your arms forward and extend them away from your body. Then, bring them back again towards your chest.
STEP 4Don't let your hips dip too low. If this occurs that means you are extending your arms too far. You should only extended your arms forward as much as you can without dropping your hips too low (below parallel).
Special Notes
Perform this movement in a controlled fashion. Don't rush it or you may hyperextend your lower back.

This exercise is not for beginners. It requires some previous conditioning of your mid-section as well as legs. It's also one of the most effective core exercise there is and if you do it right, over time you will see great results from it. In other words, your core will get tighter, stronger and harder.

The important thing is not to rush this movement. It may feel a bit awkward the first time you do it. Thus, you may need some time to get used to the mechanics of executing this movement. Once you do, it will feel perfectly natural and comfortable to execute as any simple exercise. Practicing the movement and keeping balance will be the challenge. The reason this exercise is so effective for your core is precisely because it requires you to use your core to keep perfect balance and to execute the movement.

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