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Core strength workouts are an often neglected component of most people's workout programs.

The "core" is our body's center (mid-section) from which movement originates. The core is not only comprised of the muscles on the front of our mid-section (abs) but also muscles on the side (obliques) and the ones in the back portion (lower back spinal erectors).

So, what's the benefit of having a strong core?

Having a strong (or stronger) core will give you more strength (force) when you need to generate movement.

For example, if a baseball player has a strong core he can swing his bat with more force and throw the ball harder and farther. A soccer player with a solid and strong core can generate more force when he kicks the ball.

For most average people, having a strong core means being able to do everyday tasks with more ease, without too much exertion. When we move our arms and legs we "generate" force for such movements from within our body's core. Simple as that.

Thus, incorporating core strength workouts into your regular exercise regimen is something that you should do on a cyclical basis (not all the time).

If you feel that your core needs strengthening, you should do some of the workout exercises we listed here as part of your regular workout program.

Select up to 3 core exercises and do them 2 to 4 times a week over a period of time (8 to 10 weeks) together with your regular workout program.


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1. 3-Point Core Ball Exercise Forward Roll 2. Abdominal Crunches
3. "Air Bicycle" or Bicycle Crunch 4. Alternating Toe Touch
5. Ankle Side Bends Exercise 6. Balanced Abductor Stretch & Crunch
7. Ball Transfer Exercise Ball Crunches 8. Belly Blaster
9. (Reverse) Bench Crunches 10. Bicycle Kick
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11. Balanced Leg Rolls OR Double Leg Roll Ups 12. Elbow Bridge
13. Burpees 14. Hanging Leg Raise
15. Incline Leg Raises 16. Vertical Leg Raise
17. Crunch - Hands Over Head 18. "Dead Fish" Ab Crunch Exercise
19. Decline Reverse Crunch Exercise 20. Lying Leg Raise - Double Leg Pressouts
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21. Double Straight Leg Raises 22. Elbow Stabilization (Modified Plank Core Exercise)
23. Flutter Kicks 24. Proper Sit Up
25. Leg Spreads 26. Hip Thrusts
27. Janda Situps 28. Lateral Flexion on Balance Disk
29. Leg Raise Pike 30. Lumbar Half Roll
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31. Medicine Ball Plank Exercise 32. Oblique Bridge Leg Raise
33. Oblique Crunch 34. Pilates Leg Scissor Spreads
35. The PLANK Exercise 36. The Plank Pose With Knee Ins
37. "Powerboat Hold" Ab Core Workout 38. Pronated Knee Tuck
39. Plank With Twists 40. Pushup Workouts - Alterating "Superman" Style
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41. Pushup Variations - Pushup Bridge 42. Pushup Routines - Pushup on Extreme Balance Board
43. One Arm Pushup With Rotation 44. Reverse Crunch Scissor Kick
45. Reverse Crunches 46. Ab Wheel Exercise - Abdominal Roll
47. Seated Balancing Disk Hold 48. Side Bridge
49. Side Crunch 50. Side Plank Exercise
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51. Side Plank Straight-Arm Hold 52. Modified Plank Exercises - Single-Leg Plank Hold
53. Pilates Single Leg Lift 54. Stick Crunch Abs Exercise
55. Pushup Workout Program - Straight-Arm Pushup Hold 56. Suitcase Crunch
57. Transverse Abdominal Exercises - The "Superman" 58. V Ups
59. Wall Hip Flex 60. Hip Circles
61. Single Leg Hip Extension Exercise With Lift
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