Cultural/Social Ideal

by Miranda
(Bay Area, CA, USA)

Alright ladies: calm down now. This is 'ideal' and it clearly says, "In any case, we believe that this "ideal" female body measurement is not realistic nor representative of what women actually look like and puts unwanted pressure on women to try to be "ideal" when in fact each and every woman can be beautiful and sexy in her own way!"

Please don't post, "Am I fat?" Talk to your doctor. Does your weight impede your daily activities etc? Not am I 34-24-34?

I am over 5'9" and my measurements are 37-28-41. My doctor wants me a smudge lower on the scale (153lbs), but I am a ~32F/~30G and I have a large frame. This means my bones are large and round. There is no way for me to be physically 34: in the hips. My bones are bigger than that. Think about that as well. Not just your height and weight or these "ideal measurements." How large is your frame, your bones, etc. How wide are your shoulders, and how much fat is in your boobs, etc. not on your belly or arms?

If you had giant boobs, but the waist and hips at the "ideal" measurements, would you be asking if you were fat? Probably not so much. Don't just try and plug yourself into some chart. You are a person.

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