Need Diet Tips For Teens? Are You a Teenager & Want to BUILD MUSCLE?

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Diet Tips For Teens - Q&A: Supplements For Teens

By Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE,
Author of Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

[Q] I'm a 16-year old teen and I've been considering to take bodybuilding supplements such as whey protein powders because I want something to help me build muscles. I'd like to know which bodybuilding supplements are most suitable for me? I've read many articles on different kinds of bodybuilding supplements and diet tips for teens that said supplements containing hormones for boosting testosterone levels aren't good for guys my age. What would you recommend I take to accelerate my muscle gains?

[A] As a teenager who wants to do bodybuilding, you should focus your supplements program on:

1. Multi vitamins and minerals to make up for any nutritional deficiencies.

2. A good whey protein powder that should be taken in between real meals so that it's easier and more convenient for you to increase protein intake to the levels that your body needs. If you're a hardgainer (person with fast metabolism who has difficulties gaining weight) then go for a high quality weight gainer that's low in sugar and has a mixture of fast and slow release proteins.

3. A few tablespoons of good fats such as flax oil. This will cover your essential fatty acids (EFA's) needs. Just put a tablespoon into your pre and post workout protein shakes.

Save the creatine and other advanced supplements for later on in your bodybuilding journey. This will benefit you more after you have achieved some solid bodybuilding gains in a few years.

You should definitely stay away from any testosterone boosting supplements. Since you're a teenager your body is already producing a ton of anabolic steroids (testosterone and growth hormone) that help to build muscle rapidly while losing body fat.

If you try to boost your testosterone even more, you may do the exact opposite. You can start using testosterone boosters when your testosterone production declines, which is around 25.

However, research has shown that 3,000 mg of Vitamin C can actually lower cortisol levels (muscle wasting hormone that does the opposite of what testosterone does). Thus, 1000mg of Vitamin C at breakfast, lunch and dinner will help significantly. This is one of the best supplement diet tips for teens.

Follow these simple tips and combine them with a good bodybuilding diet and a good training program and you'll get to where you want to be.


About the Author

Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, multi-certified personal trainer, industry consultant and fitness expert who not only knows training and nutrition theory, but also applies it on a daily basis as evidenced by the fact that he's always in shape and by his awards and high placings at numerous national level bodybuilding competitions.

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He is also an internationally known best selling fitness author with a very successful franchise of books called "The Body Sculpting Bibles" which collectively have sold over a million copies.

Hugo is also author of the very popular Body Re-Engineering e-book, which teaches people how to gain lean muscle mass and get lean without drugs or fancy expensive supplements.

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