Do Carb Blockers Work?

If you are wondering do carb blockers work, the answer quite simply put is - yes!

There has been enough scientific evidence to support this.

According to manufacturers, carb blockers can block/prevent your body from digesting up to 60% of the carbs you ingest.

Thus, if your body doesn't digest something, it simply treats it as garbage and passes it through its system without taking any calories or nutrients from it.

However, the efficacy of carb blockers is not the same for everyone. Those who combine exercise and employ sensible eating regimens (trying to minimize carb intake) have reported better and faster results while taking carb blockers.

For those people who think they can eat anything, anytime in any amount and simply take a carb blocker and have their weight issues solved - they are mistaken.

The effect of carb blockers can be stunted and completely nullified if a person doesn't make some effort to control their calorie intake.

Carb blockers work really slow but their results are also more permanent than going on a fast fad diet. Furthermore, they are made from natural ingredients (such as white kidney beans) which means that they are free of side effects.

Do Carb Blockers Work - The Mechanism

Carb blockers neutralize the effect of an enzyme in our system called alpha amylase. This enzyme breaks down carbs into glucose (sugar) making it easy for our body to absorb. Glucose either gets used up as energy or stored as fat.

When you take carb blockers, this effect/enzyme is neutralized and less carbs get converted into glucose which means less of it enters the bloodstream. Thus, if it doesn't enter the bloodstream it's not digested. If it's not digested it simply passes through your body as waste.

Therefore taking a carb blocker means that it will lessen the amount of calories to burn which will reduce your chances of fat accumulation and weight gain.

Do Carb Blockers Work - Advice

In the end, the best advice is to take carb blockers as an addition to your overall plan of attack for weight or fat loss - not your first line of defense.

In other words, use them in conjunction with a sensible diet and even some exercise and you will see results much faster than you would think.

If you take them and don't control your eating habits and don't make any attempt to exercise... well... enough said!

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