Don't worry!


You will be loved as you are if you decide to love yourself. You will carry yourself with confidence, you will want to take care of your appearance and you will be a more relaxed lover.

You will attract the right kind of person when your happiness shows. Make the best of what you have....for you!

I can tell you with confidence that I am right about this. Not all, but many of those you may want to look like have lost themselves to diets, surgery, and live in fear of getting a blemish or gaining a pound.

So, make a list of what you feel are your greatest assets (in your opinion), not just physical. Look at the list every day for one week. After one week, make a list of areas you would like to realistically improve on. Improvements list should be based on what you can do to feel more confident and happy. Work on these items as you can, but never throw away the first list, just add to it as you go. If someone puts you down, stay away, or limit your time with them.

Everything else in your life will fall into place as you hold your head up high, walk tall even if you are 4'10". People are attracted to this type of individual.

Good luck to you. And may God bless you. I am 5'5" (at least I used to be), 110 lbs or less most days, 34-26-34. IMHO...perfect! If I gain 4 lbs, I lose it immediately because that's where I feel best about me. If you don't exercise, you should at least walk every day. I am 60 years old next week.

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