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EAS whey protein is among the industry leaders when it comes to protein quality and innovative approaches to product manufacturing and new product line origination. EAS stands for "Energy, Athletics and Sports" and one of the reasons it's a recognized leader is owing to the fact that they invest a great deal in research and development and it certainly reflects on the quality of products they have available in the market today.

EAS has one specific product line that is currently unrivaled - Myoplex. EAS has Myoplex ready-made protein shakes and Myoplex protein powder packets that are also packed with many vitamins and minerals that make the protein formula superior and rich-tasting.

The down side is that they are also a bit on the pricy side. However, the uniqueness and quality of their protein-pack and pre-mixed shakes are undeniable and this is one of the reasons EAS has accordingly positioned their pricing strategy.

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We at fitness-and-bodybuilding-workouts.com really like the packets. Aside from using them at the gym for our pre and post-workout protein shakes we also bring them with us when we are on the plane if traveling, at the beach or just for emergency meals when we are on the road and don't know how far it is to the next restaurant stop.

The protein quality is superior and the taste is even better. EAS has recently added some variety to their protein-packets line and introduced flavors such as: chocolate mint, pina colada and orange-jubilee to name a few. Not something you will find with less renowned protein brands!

Overall, EAS gets a huge thumbs up for protein quality, taste and taking new and innovative approaches to making protein more enjoyable.

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