Estrogen Supplements

Estrogen supplements are good in helping women cope with midlife and with relieving the discomforts of menopause. They are also known to support physical and emotional well-being during midlife. If you are a woman in your 20's and early 30's most likely you will not be needing supplementation.

The decline of estrogen production during menopause leads to various symptoms which include hot flashes, sweating at night, sudden mood changes and even depression.

Because prescription estrogens come with certain health risks most women have turned to natural supplements which come from plant sources (phytoestrogens) to help alleviate midlife symptoms. Although phytoestrogens are not chemically identical to the hormone the body produces, they can fill empty estrogen receptor sites and produce estrogen-like effects.

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This is a tremendous help if your estrogen level is low, which it is in menopause. Moreover, phytoestrogens can also be helpful if your estrogen levels are high, as in women who suffer from PMS and menstrual irregularities. High levels of estrogen are referred to as "estrogen dominance," which can cause breast tenderness, bloating, irritability and mood swings.

Estrogen-dominant women use phytoestrogens to compete with their own estrogens for binding to receptors. This can help in the overall reduction of the estrogenic effect in the body because the effects of phytoestrogens tend to be milder than those of estrogen.

You will come across many kinds of supplements that most commonly come in pill or capsule form with the more inventive forms being topical creams (applied to your skin).

Overall, the use of supplements is an inexpensive, reliable, natural, safe and proven way of providing your body with relief from symptoms caused by menopause, PMS or menstrual cycle irregularities.

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