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Extreme Muscle Enhancement - Secret of Extreme Muscle Growth

By Sean Nelawanyj, Natural Competitive Bodybuilder
Author of Muscle Gain Truth Program

The length of time that will determine the success or failure of extreme muscle growth is much shorter than you may think.

It’s a known fact that a small fraction of a second can change the outcome of a 100 meter race. Similarly, a fraction of a second also determines extreme muscle enhancement of your body when you workout.

What would you say if I told you that your entire margin of success at the gym comes down to 60 seconds? These 60 seconds during a workout can translate to extreme muscle growth if managed correctly.

extreme muscle enhancement,

Most workouts last an hour or so, but these 60 seconds actually decide your gains.

You’re probably confused now, so allow me to explain.

When you are doing exercise sets, you do them to reap the benefits that will be come on the last 1 to 2 repetitions.

The reason is that your muscles react to stress and the only stressful reps that give your body extreme muscle enhancement and growth are the final reps that come at end of a set. This is when your body is on the verge of complete muscular failure.

For example, if you are doing a set with 6 reps, then reps 1 to 4 are done to get to the benefits that reps 5 and 6 will give you. Repetitions 1 to 4 are not doing much to stimulate extreme muscle growth, but you need them to overload your muscles for reps 5 and 6. It's the last 1 to 2 reps that stimulate an extreme muscle growth response and help you get big.

The simple fact is that your gains depend on how close you get to complete muscular failure. The time frame in which this occurs is just seconds long.

If you're doing a total of 10 sets per workout and the margin is about 6 seconds between success or failure, that comes out to a total of 60 seconds per workout. These 60 seconds are where you achieve extreme muscle enhancement and growth.

Therefore, hold out in the last 3 seconds before your muscles fail and your muscle growth won't be compromised. If you drop the weight too many seconds before muscular failure, your gains will be reduced.

Therefore, to achieve extreme muscle growth, you need to train hard, keep maximum intensity at all times. It won't be easy because you need to power through burning muscles and aches to get to the point of true muscular failure. Never sacrifice your gains by quitting to soon!


extreme muscle enhancement, About the Author

Sean Nalewanyj is a renowned fat loss and muscle building expert, best-selling fitness and bodybuilding author and success coach.

Through his mega-popular websites and his information-packed online email lessons, Sean has helped thousands of everyday people from burn fat, build muscle and get into the best shape of their lives.

Sean is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, has written articles for top muscle-building and fat loss websites across the Internet and is recognized as an expert authority on the subjects of building muscle and burning fat fast.

Visit www.musclegaintruth.com for more information!

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