What is the Fastest Way to Build Muscles?

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Fastest Way to Build Muscles - How to Achieve Rapid Muscle Growth

By Sean Nelawanyj

The main focus of any type of bodybuilding workout is to achieve rapid muscle growth. Our muscles only begin to grow when we put enough stress on them by doing a workout which is perceived as a threat to survival.

For rapid muscle growth to occur, you have to do high intensity level workouts.

The fastest way to build muscles is by doing intense workouts. This means that you have to push yourself and your muscles to the limit at every workout in order to tap into your maximum muscle growth potential.

Every set of exercises that you perform needs to be done to muscular failure. All exercises that you perform go through concentric and eccentric phases.

The concentric or positive phase is when you are lifting, such as the pulling motion of a chin-up. The eccentric phase or negative phase is when you are lowering the tension on a given muscle (ie. - lowering yourself when performing a chin-up).

Thus, concentric muscle failure is your inability to perform an extra repetition of the positive or lifting phase. Each rep gets harder than the previous one as you keep going, when you are doing 5 to 7 reps.

Eventually, you reach a point when you can’t do any more reps and completing the entire exercise movement becomes impossible.

This type of training is the most effective and fastest way to build muscle because it pushes your muscles to complete failure. Therefore, you need to train at least close to this level of intensity - close to 1 or 2 repetitions of muscle failure.

If you're a novice weightlifter, you should gradually build up your workout intensity to this level.

Remember to always perform exercises with proper form and after you get a hang on proper form and your body adapts to training, it will be time to push your muscles to their limits. Physical and mental discipline is the key to doing this.

Your road to muscle building will require a certain degree of adaptation on your part. Namely, your mind will need to withstand the discomfort related with training to failure and your body will need to perform at a high intensity level.

For rapid muscle growth to occur, your muscles need to be confronted with exercises that challenge their existing resources and allows them to engage in adapting to survive - this means get bigger!

Therefore, the bottom line when it comes to achieving rapid muscle growth is to exercise at a high intensity level that will trigger muscle growth. Without high intensity you can't expect serious muscle gains!


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Sean Nalewanyj is a renowned fat loss and muscle building expert, best-selling fitness author and success coach.

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