Fat Burning Workout Plan

A good fat burning workout plan will not only focus on the exercise aspect but will also attack fat from several other fronts as well.

Namely, to burn fat quickly and effectively you have to combine several methods (we will call them "elements"). When all of them are used in conjunction with eact other, they create a very powerful synergy effect that gives fat ZERO chance for survival.

Element 1 - A Good Fat Burning Workout Program

The first element that is essential is for fat burning is, in fact, a good fat burning workout plan. Workouts that are specifically designed around this singular goal are absolutely paramount in helping you to burn off unwanted fat. Having a good workout plan is where it all begins!

Without the right fat burning workout program, you are likely to fail at your fat burning efforts right from the start! You need a workout program that is well thought out and composed by someone who knows what they are doing. Talking to Joe Blow at the gym and putting together a routine in 3 minutes (in your head) certainly won't help you.

Note that fat-burning, toning, muscle definition are all terms used to decribe fat burning exercise programs. Men will most often use the terms cutting-up or muscle definition while women will use the terms toning, fat-burning or weight loss.

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Element 2 - A Proper Diet

The second element is a proper diet. You need to calculate your dialy calorie needs and make sure you are at a calorie defficiency (minus 300 to 500 calories of the calculated value). Many people think this is the hardest thing to do.

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However, calculating the number of calories you consume per day basically boils down to making a list of everything you eat (or will need to eat) and looking up the caloric content of each of those foods.

Simple as that!

In the old days when there was no internet, you can see how this might have been a difficult task.

But today, in the age of information and tools like Google, this really isn't such an intimidating thing to figure out.

There are tons of calculators online that will help you calculate caloric values for different foods. We use the mother of all calculators which is the USDA national food database.

Furthermore, take a look at our list of fat burning foods as well. This will give you an idea of what kind of foods to incorporate into your diet.

Finally, we also encourage you to visit our fitness nutrition page that has a wealth of information on proper nutrition.

Element 3 - Regular Cardio Done at the Right Intensity

The third element is cardio. Incorporate a cardio routine with your weight training workout. Three times a week is the absolute minumim.

Best time to do cardio is in the morning right after you wake up because your body is forced to tap into energy reserves - FAT - due to the fact that your stomach is still empty at that time. Fat is nothing but stored energy. The key is to get your body to tap into those reserves.

If you cannot manage to do cardio in the morning, then the next best thing for a fat burning workout plan is to do cardio after your workout at the gym. You don't need to do more than 45 minutes of cardio.

The most important thing while doing cardio is to keep track of your optimal fat burning heart rate zone. If you stay within your fat burning heartbeat range you will maximize your fat burning efforts.

Element 4 - Fat Burning Supplements

The fourth element or method to attacking your fat deposits is adding fat burning supplements to the whole equation.

However, this is entirely optional. If you incorporate the above elements (1, 2 & 3) it should be more than enough to burn fat. Fat burning supplements only speed-up the entire process when they are combined with a proper fat burning workout. Visit our supplement review page for reviews of the most effective fat burning supplements.

For great fat burning workout plans, go to our main workouts page.

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