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fat burning workouts,

Looking for effective fat burning workouts?

The best way to reduce the size of your body is to convert unsightly fat into lean muscle.

We are not just talking about how to loose belly fat, but ALL fat that's distributed over your body.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so it takes up less space on your body.

If you can’t picture this, imagine how many feathers you would need to make up a pound. Then think of how much lead it would take to make a pound.

Even though they both weigh the same, the lead package is considerably smaller than the feather package, right? That’s what happens when you burn fat.

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Fat Burning Workouts - The Benefits

You’ve read about the importance of eliminating body fat, or maybe your doctor’s been nagging you to lose belly fat fast. These are some of the benefits you’ll reap if you reduce your body fat:


  • Stabilized cardiac health. Your heart is a muscle, and it can actually accumulate fat. In addition, the more fat there is on your body, the more work your heart has to do to pump blood throughout it.

  • Decreased risk of stroke. Saturated or trans fats can clog your arteries. This also raises your cholesterol, which circles back to the cardiac health issue.

  • Improved respiratory system. Obesity does not in itself cause chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD), but it does put a strain on your lungs when you try to move that body around. It can actually reduce your lung capacity.

  • Better joint mobility. Fat contributes to loss of cartilage in the knee and hip joints. It causes strains/sprains of the tendons and ligaments in your feet. And it just slows you down.

Fat Burning Workouts - The Mechanism

There are two basic requirements to losing fat.

First, you must create a calorie deficiency. That means you eat fewer calories.

And you have to burn more calories, by increasing your activity level. The increased activity level includes an aerobic or cardio workout, and a fat loss exercise routine that will strengthen your muscles.

To calculate your daily calorie intake, you need a way to track the calories you’ve eaten. We have an excellent calorie calculator that shows you, for your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level, how many calories you need.

It also breaks down how many of them should come from fat, protein, or carbohydrates.

Fat Burning Workouts - The Diet Factor

You can accomplish the calorie deficiency by eating properly. You cannot succeed if you try some fad diet or fashionable fasting craze.

What makes a proper diet? You have to eat smaller servings, and eat them more often—every three to four hours. Also, reading about the top 10 fat burning foods or fat burning fruits will help you get a better idea of what kind of foods to incorporate into your regular diet. For a more expanded and inclusive list of fat burning foods click on this preceding link.

Fat Burning Workouts - Creating Healthy Routines

Cardio must become part of your regular routine. This is done ideally in the morning immediately upon waking. It’s best to complete your cardiac workout on an empty stomach so that it will burn calories by tapping directly into your fat reserves.

If you cannot exercise in the morning, then schedule your cardiac workout three or four times a week after your exercise workout. This workout doesn't always have to be in the form of running on a treadmill or getting on an exercise bike. You can do other types of cardio exercise that will focus on fat burning such as aerobics fat loss classes. This is a fun alternative for those that are easily bored on treadmills or exercise bikes.

For your exercise workout, you can try weight training, Pilates, yoga, or some other form of muscle strengthening.

Fat Burning Workouts - Food Supplements

Fat loss supplements make up an important part of your regimen. They can speed up the process of reducing fat if you use them properly.

From these several types of fat loss supplements, you will find the right ones for you:

  • Appetite suppressants come in several varieties. You can try pills or capsules for either over-the-counter or prescription medications. Basically, they all work by stimulating your body’s production of serotonins or catecholamines, two neurotransmitters that tell your brain when you’re full.

  • Carb blockers work by blocking the function of a digestive enzyme called amylase. These are effective because amylase breaks down the starches that are found in carbohydrate foods, so the foods are able to pass through your system without harm to you.

  • Fat blockers contain a substance similar to dietary fiber which comes from shellfish. This substance absorbs fat as it passes through your digestive tract and, as with carb blockers, fatty foods are eliminated naturally.

  • Thermogenic fat burners work because they boost the amount of calories you burn. This category of products includes caffeine and ephedrine as well as other metabolism jump starters.

  • Non-stimulating fat burners are gaining popularity, and they utilize linoleic acid, a nonessential fatty acid that is showing remarkable promise.

  • Thyroid hormone boosters help your thyroid to activate some of the dormant thyroid hormone you might have. These are generally non-stimulant products containing no animal glands or potassium salts that will aggravate other conditions.

  • Cortisol blockers help people who carry high amounts of stress by reducing this natural enzyme. They also block the production of cortisol that occurs during high intensity workouts. People with high cortisol levels carry a lot of fat around the abdomen.

  • Green tea has been proved effective as a powerful antioxidant, and it can help your body to metabolize both fats and sugars. It is also believed to exert a significant thermogenic effect. You can find this product with or without caffeine.

Fat Burning Workouts - A Multilevel Approach


It’s important to understand that you cannot succeed by using only one single method to achieve your goals. You must include:

  • Regular workouts that focus on fitness or bodybuilding.

  • Regular cardio, with proper intensity maintained.

  • Dietary plan integrating proper eating habits.

  • Program utilizing fat burning supplements.

The Action Guide

Considering everything you’ve just learned, you can now put your Action Guide into effect. For each of the steps below, decide what your action will be. See what works for you, and try alternatives as necessary.

  • Calculate your daily calorie needs. Use a calorie calculator; don’t guess!

  • Create an eating schedule to maintain your diet by having four to six meals per day. These must be evenly spaced. Your largest consumption should occur before and after your workouts.

  • Decide which workout you will do—the fat burning bodybuilding workout, or the fat burning fitness workout.

  • Choose fat burning supplements that fit your needs. You also need protein shakes before and after your workouts.

  • Do your cardio workout three to four times per week. Early in the morning is best for this, but if your schedule prevents that then do it after your workout and keep in mind your fat burning heart rate. Knowing the difference between your target fat-burning heart rate and normal resting heart rate is important.

If you don’t want to go to a gym, here are some workout routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, it isn’t as effective as exercising in a gym but at least you will be preserving your precious muscle mass and therefore keeping your metabolism elevated.

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Conclusions on Fat Burning Workouts

Now that you know the basics of fat burning and understand the weightlifting fat loss correlation as well as the benefits your will reap after you burn off fat - you need to put together an Action Guide, and be well on your way to success.

You will also benefit from having formulated a fat burning workout plan because of the extra confidence and determination you are already developing. Burning fat is a plan that you can approach from several fronts (workouts, diet, cardio and supplements)!

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