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Fat Loss Secret Of Bodybuilders And Fitness Models

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, Natural Competitive Bodybuilder

The secret to getting lean – I’m talking about getting RIPPED, is all about mastering the art of "peaking". Most people have no idea about what it takes to reach this type of low body fat levels that reveal shredded six-pack abs, muscle striations, vascularity and great muscular definition, so they go about it the wrong way.

Here’s a case to illustrate my point: One of my newsletter subscribers recently sent me this question:

Tom, on your www.burnthefat.com website, you wrote:

"Who better to model than bodybuilders and fitness competitors? No athletes in the world get lean as quickly as bodybuilders and fitness competitors do. The transformations they undergo in 12 weeks before a competition boggle the mind! Only ultra-endurance athletes come close in terms of their low body fat levels, but endurance athletes like triathaletes and marathoners get too lean and chew up all their muscle mass and end up looking too skinny.

"There seems to be a contradiction unless I'm mistaken. Why do bodybuilders and fitness competitors have to go through a 12 week "transformation" before every event instead of staying lean all the time? If they practice the secrets exposed in your book, they should be in lean shape all the time instead of having to work at losing fat prior to every competitive event?".

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Here is the answer. There's a logical reason and explanation why bodybuilders and other athletes (fitness and figure competitors), don’t stay completely ripped year-round. It’s the very same reason they are able to get so super ripped on the day of a contest. It's a very simple fat loss secret.

The reason is that you can’t hold a peak forever. If you could, then it wouldn't be a "peak", right?

What's the definition of a peak? It’s a high (or max) point surrounded by two lower points.

Therefore, any shape you can stay in throughout the entire year is NOT your "peak" condition.

The intelligent and sensible approach to nutrition and training (which all bodybuilders and fitness/figure competitors have), is to train and diet in a seasonal or cyclical fashion and to lead or build-up to a peak. After, they ease-off into a maintenance or growth phase. This is their fat loss secret, which you can see is not an earth-shatterring revelation.

I am NOT talking about bulking up, getting fat and out of shape every year, and then having to diet it all off every single year. I’m talking about going from good shape to excellent (peak) shape, then easing back into good shape. Thus, I am never getting "out of shape". Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s an example: I have no intention of walking around 365 days per year at 4 percent body fat like I appear in the photo above or the ones on my website. In the off-season, when I'm not competing, my body fat is usually around 8 to 10%. Note that that is very lean and still a single digit body fat percentage.

I never stray too far from my competition shape, but I don't maintain said shape all the time either. It takes me about 12-14 weeks to gradually go from 9.5% to 3.5%-4.0% body fat to "peak" for competition without losing any lean muscle mass... using the same techniques I talk about in my book.

It would be almost impossible to maintain 4% body fat throughout the entire year. Even if I could, why would I want to do that? For the few weeks before a competition I’m so depleted, ripped, "drawn" in the face, that strangers walk up to me and offer to feed me.

Okay, I’m kidding about that of course, but let’s just say that being ripped to shreds isn’t really a desirable condition to maintain because it takes a huge effort to stay there. It’s also not even healthy to try and hold such extreme low body fat.

Unless you’re a natural "ectomorph" (skinny person with fast metabolism), your body will fight you. Furthermore, anabolic hormones may drop and your immune system will weaken as well. It’s simply neither normal nor healthy to walk around all the time with such a low percentage of subcutaneous body fat.

Thus, instead of holding the peak, I go back into a less demanding off-season program and avoid going over 9.9% body fat. Some years I’ve stayed leaner - at around 6-7%, (which takes effort by the way), especially if I knew I would be photographed, but generally, I never let my body fat go over 10%. That's my "fat loss secret". fat loss secret,

This practice doesn't just apply to bodybuilders. Athletes in all sports use cycles to build themselves up to their best shape for competition.

Is a pro-football player in the exact same condition in March-April as he is in August-September? Absolutely not. Many show up for training camp fat and out of shape (relatively speaking for their standards).

Others just need fine tuning, but none of them are in peak condition at the start of training camp.

If they all showed up in peak form for camp - there's no reason to have training camp!!!

Another reason you wouldn’t want to keep a ripped-to-shreds physique all year round is that you would have to be dieting all the time. This is one of the main reasons that 95% of people can’t lose weight and keep it off. It's because they are CHRONIC dieters... meaning that they are always on some type of diet. Such dieters are ones that are seeking for the "quick-fix" fat loss secret.

You can’t stay on a restricted low-calorie diet indefinitely. Sooner or later your metabolism will slow down and you will hit a plateau as your body adapts to the chronically lowered food intake.

But if you are dieting for fat loss and push incredibly hard for 3 months, then ease-off for a while and eat a little more (healthy food, not "pig out"), your metabolic rate will be re-stimulated. Hence, in a few weeks or months, you can go back and do another fat loss phase and achieve an even lower body fat level until you finally reach a point that’s your maintenance level for life – a level that is comfortable, healthy and realistic for you – in addition to being visually pleasing. It will be like discovering our creating your very own fat loss secret!

Bodybuilders have a fat loss secret methodology that is highly effective. They’ve mastered this area and never have to worry about it much. If they ever "slip" and get out of shape - no problem because they know how to get back into shape really quick.

Bodybuilders have the knowledge to maintain a low body fat percentage all year round (about 9% for men, or about 15% for women). Then, as if almost on a whim, they can quickly reach a temporary peak of extremely low body fat for the purpose of competing. Most important of all, they have the will power and control to slowly ease back from a peak into a maintenance phase. They don't balloon up and yo-yo up and down like most conventional dieters seeking miracle short-cut fat loss secrets!

Therefore, even if you don't have any competitive aspirations, don’t you agree that there’s something valuable everyone can learn from physique athletes? Don’t try to sculpt and model your body after the huge mass of losers who gobble down "miracle" diet pills and buy exercise gimmicks and suffer through starvation diets like robots, only to gain back everything they lost soon after! Instead, you should learn from the leanest athletes on Earth - natural bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

These physique athletes get as ripped as they want to be, when they want to, simply by manipulating their diets. They cycle their diets between pre-contest "cutting" programs and off season "maintenance" or "muscle growth" programs.

If you’re interested in learning more fat loss secrets of bodybuilders and fitness models, visit the Burn The Fat website.


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About the Author

Tom Venuto is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, an NSCA-certified personal trainer (CPT) and a certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS).

Tom is the author of the #1 best-selling e-book, "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle,” which teaches people how to get lean without drugs or supplements using the secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models.

Learn the fat loss secret of how to get rid of stubborn body fat and increase your metabolism by visiting www.burnthefat.com

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