Finding Motivation to Exercise

Renowned Fitness Expert Tom Venuto reveals his secret to GET MOTIVATED for fitness!

Finding Motivation to Exercise - Maintain Your Motivation Drive

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS

There are many great methods you can use to get motivated to begin a sensible diet or effective exercise program. However, the most difficult part is to keep your motivation drive alive more than just a few weeks and see your goal through to the end.

Finding motivation to exercise sounds easy enough but after only a few weeks of starting, most poeple already have their first setback and let their mental focus and motivation slip away.

Thus, setting goals in writing is a very important step to success. But, how do you stay focused on the goals you set? One method I've used for getting motivated ever since my very first bodybuilding competition is...

finding motivation to exercise,

Using what I call the "contest countdown calendar."

I've used it through 32 competitions and if you use it, it will help you with finding motivation to exercise.

I simply buy a desk calendar - the ones that show each week horizontally with an open block of space for each day.

After I set my goal and assign a deadline to achieve it, I don't stop there. I take my calendar and begin to count backwards from my target goal deadline.

T minus 120 days...

T minus 119 days...

T minus 118 days...

I also fill in the calender with my workouts for the whole 3 to 4 month period, which is a typical length to acheive my mid-range goals like contest preparation.

If you do this you will be (pleasantly) shocked how focused this will keep you in terms of finding motivation to exercise. Even better, you will get more and more motivated as each day passes because you countdown and the final deadline will be getting closer and closer.

Deadlines are absolutely critical to success. Very little gets done without creating deadlines.

There is a saying in management that "work will always expand to the point where it will fill the time allowed for it's completion."

Remember your term papers in school when you were given an assignment and you had an entire semeseter to do it? Did you run home the first night and get started on it right away?

How about a week later? How about two weeks later? A month?

Probably not, correct?

If you're like most regular people, you put it off until the last moment and you got it done barely on time.

Hence, the power of deadlines!

In fitness endeavors, when you seek out motivation to exercise, if you don't have deadlines that make you say to yourself "take action now, or else!" then you will find it easy to say to yourself: "I have lots of time so one cheat meal doesn't matter much... it doesn't make a big difference if I skip one workout... I have plenty of time to make up for it".

And then, much like your term papers in school, you will find yourself scrambling at the last minute to achieve your weight or fitness goals. In this case however (the case of your body), the consequences will be more severe than just a bad grade.

Inevitably, you may succumb and go on a crash diet and overtrain or attempt other unhealthy fast-weight-loss madness methods. All this will eat up your muscle mass like a hungry cannibal and send you spiraling into the darkness of metabolic damage and inevitable plateaus and the weight gain that follows. Then, your finding motivation to exercise plan will be dead in the water!

Therefore, the wise solution is simple: count down to success!

Don't stop with setting goals and assigning deadlines to achieve them. Put your goal countdown in writing and review your goals every day. If you do so you will stay consciously focused and even your unconscious mind will work to keep you motivated and on schedule. In the end, you will "land" on your goal deadline like an F-16 does when landing on an aircraft carrier - exactly right and with pinpoint accuracy!

So, don't underestimate this easy and simple technique. Give it an honest try because it's often the easiest motivational methods that are the most powerful ones for getting motivated to exercise!


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