Flutter Kicks

STEP 1 Lie down on the floor with both knees slightly bent and your feet on the floor. Put your hands at your sides.
STEP 2 Keep abdominal muscles continuously contracted to stabilize your upper body. Your lower back should be in a neutral and comfortable position.
STEP 3 Starting position: straighten both of your legs so they are about 45 degress off the floor.
STEP 4 Slowly lower one leg towards the floor (don't touch the floor, stop a few inches off the ground) while raising the other towards the ceiling at the same time.
STEP 5 Return to mid-level starting position and repeat with other side.
Special Notes
Some people feel more comfortable placing their hands at their sides while others like to place them under their back (palms of hands under). See what works best for you and adopt that method.

It's worth mentioning that this exercise is not for absolute beginners as it is too challenging. The balancing aspect makes it more difficult and requires a core that has already been (pre)conditioned for a while. Thus, for beginners we suggest performing core exercises that are somewhat less challenging.

Finally, this exercise should not be rushed. It's not about the (fast) speed at which you perform the kicks, rather it's about executing the movement with precision. Of course you don't want to go too slow either - a nice medium pace is the best way to go. It might take you a few sessions to figure out the perfect tempo of executing the movement, but once you do the whole exercise will feel like it's hitting the spot (your core) exactly the way it's intended to.

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