Free Effective Weightlifting Programs

Intermediate Workout Routine

Free Effective Weightlifting Programs - Workout Overview:


This is one of those great intermediate level weightlifting bodybuilding programs that is good to implement to change things up a bit if you have been stuck in a plateau. Implement this bodybuilding workout schedule for 8 to 12 weeks and it will allow you to get over the hump and experience further gains.

Muscles worked:

full body

Days per week:

5 - this is one of those free effective weightlifting programs that can be done on a 2-1-3 basis (2 days on, 1 day off, then again 3 days on) or you can do it Monday to Friday and rest on weekends. We would advise that you do the 2-1-3 workout routine. It might be a bit too intensive to workout 5 days straight.
Supplements Needed:
  • Pre and post workout whey protein with some glutamine mixed into your shake(s)
  • Multi-vitamin, timed release ones are best
  • ZMA just before bedtime for good sleep, muscle recovery and natural testosterone boost.
Weight Training Acessories Used:
  • Good weightlifting gloves. By good we mean tough ones. Go for the ones that are mesh on top or have some other form of open design on the top side. They will give your hands more air and won't make them sweat as much as closed-type designed ones do.
  • Wrist-straps. So many kinds out there. Go for the ones that are soft on the skin and have some sort of minimal padding. The ones that are really tough can be really taxing on the skin around your wrists and even worse if you have hair.
  • Weight belt. Old school leather ones are best.

  • Strong weight training shoes. Don't use running shoes - they just aren't made for weightlifting.

free effective weightlifting programs,

free effective weightlifting programs,

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MONDAY - Chest & Triceps & Shoulders
Incline bench press310
Dumbell bench press310, 10, 8*
Chest dip3until failure
Lying (EZ bar) tricep extension38 to 10
One arm overhead dumbell extension3 each side8 to 10
Bent over tricep extension310
Barbell (seated) front raise410 to 12
Dumbell side raise412, 12, 10, 8*
*as you do each set decrease the number of reps but increase weight
TUESDAY - Back & Arms (Biceps)
Wide grip chin-ups38 to 10
One arm (alternating) cable pulls38 to 10
Upright row38 to 10
Bent over dumbell raise (front)38 to 10
Arms - BicepsSetsReps
Scott bench preacher curls38 to 10
Barbell curls38 to 10
Seated incline bench curls38 to 10
Compound ab crunches3until failure
Legs - Quads & Hamstrings SetsReps
Walking dumbell lunges310 to 12 steps
Seated (machine) leg curl310 to 12
45 degree incline press38 to 10
Bent-over hamstring barbell lift310 to 12
Legs - CalvesSetsReps
Alternating standing calf raises3until failure
Seated calf raises4until failure
THURSDAY - Chest & Triceps & Shoulders
Smith machine flat bench press38 to 10
Dumbell fly410 to 12
Cable scoops310 to 12
Lying barbell extension38 to 10
Triceps double-pump kickbacks48 to 10
Cable (rope) tricep pushdowns48 to 10
Seated Arnold press310 to 12
Front raise shoulders (dumbell) twists310 to 12
Cable (rope) crunches3until failure
When doing chest cable scoops go extra slow on the negative and explode on the way up and hold in that upper position for 2 seconds before lowering again.
FRIDAY - Back & Arms (Biceps)
Bent over barbell row38 to 10
Seated cable row (close grip)38 to 10
One arm bent over (alternating) cable pulls38 to 10 each side
Lower back extensions310 to 12
Arms - BicepsSetsReps
Cable (rope) curls38 to 10
Seated (machine) curls38 to 10
Concentration curls310 to 12
Cable (rope) crunches3until failure

We hope that you make us your main source of free effective weightlifting programs because we are here to provide just that! Truly effective weighlifting routines that you can use to get the results you want! Period!

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