Free Weightlifting Routines

Looking for effective free weightlifting routines

Some men are seeking something beyond stretching and machine resistance routines.

They are ready for the challenge of free weights. Free weight lifting routines can increase your strength and stamina, and they will give you the muscle definition that you’re looking for.

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Free Weightlifting Routines - Why Would You Change?

If you’ve been using machines, you know they guide you to use proper form and posture, plus stability of movement.

Basically, people rely on them to manipulate various muscles by engaging the machine's handles and applying proper pressure to the weights.

Free weight routines take you to the next level.

The responsibility for meeting the challenge of the weight rests, literally, on your shoulders. You are the one determining form and function.

It’s important to maintain good posture and precise movements when you begin free weight training.

To perform properly, you do each repetition with slow, deliberate motion.

Free Weightlifting Routines - Combining or Not

It’s perfectly fine to continue with the machines; in fact, for some people they remain an important part of the workout. But free weights add something extra that you just don’t get from machines. The best way to begin is by adding or stripping your weight load. It works like this:

For the first three weeks, every time you pick up one of your weights you add something to it. This will keep you in the lower range of reps, because your muscles will be struggling to adjust to the increases in your load.

But you should be able to complete at least eight reps with each exercise. If you find that you can do twelve or more reps, then you’re not adding enough weight. Then, beginning with the fourth week, you remove some weight every time you work out.

By stripping weight from your routine, you keep your muscles from getting too complacent; these change-ups create a greater challenge. After you’ve done three weeks of stripping, you repeat the entire six-week cycle.

Free Weightlifting Routines - Starting Up

Some people make the mistake of thinking that lifting as much weight as possible gets them ahead of the game. It seems like a short-cut to big muscles. But what happens is this: When you take on too much weight at once, you cannot complete the proper range of motion to perform the exercise correctly. That prevents you from getting the full benefit of the exercise. And it’s also unsafe.

We’ve mentioned the importance of slow, deliberate motions to get the shape you want, but if you try to move too much weight too quickly you risk serious injury.

By progressing through our recommended free weight exercises, you’ll develop the bulk and shape you want without steroids. There are positive ways to do this that will build your muscles up steadily, and useless ways that will prove to be disappointingly ineffective.

We urge you to visit other links on this website to learn about the balance of carbs, proteins, and fats that you need to burn fat and create muscle tissue.

Free Weightlifting Routines - Our Suggestions

We also offer downloadable free weight routines to try out. Our routines are developed to give you the workouts you want without overworking your muscle groups.

For example, Day One and Day Four could include some routines for the chest muscles such as the flat bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, and dips. You would also want to do crunches for your abs.

For your shoulders, you need some upright rowing, front shoulder presses, and dumbbell shrugs. And don’t forget the triceps, with triceps pushdowns, overhead triceps extension, and bench dips., free weightlifting routines,

On Day Two and Day Five you focus on your legs with squats, extensions, leg presses and hamstring curls, and seated calf raises.

Work on your back with one-armed cable rowing, seated wide grip rowing, and close grip pullups.

Then you move your attention to the biceps with regular curls, preacher curls, and concentration curls.

Last but not least, strengthen your abs but instead of regular crunches you work the obliques, and maybe do some Roman chair leg lifts.

On Days Three, Six, and Seven, you rest. If you’re serious about improving your body, you need these rests. Your muscles need time to rebuild and repair from the work you’ve made them do. But they also go through a period of adaptation; they adjust to the workload they’ve just done. Then, at your next session, you change their workload again.

Free Weightlifting Routines - Equipment

You can choose from several types of free weight equipment. Most people think of dumbbells. Other options are fixed barbell weight sets, barbells on which you mount plates, and kettlebells. You will also want to acquire collars and weight stands. And you need weights in a variety of sizes for different muscle groups and load variations.

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Whether you are doing free weights or other workouts, we invite you to enter your email address and look at the programs we’ve already put together for you. You’ve been searching for a way to reach total fitness; it’s time to make it happen.

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