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What does muscle fitness mean to you? Maybe you want the increased strength to move and lift objects that comes with sculpted muscles. Possibly you’re looking for stamina, the ability to carry on difficult tasks for long periods of time.

Some people need to strengthen themselves for their daily work, and others want to improve their athletic performance. Maybe you just want to keep up with the kids in your life, or maybe you’re looking at ways to keep your joints strong and well.

We have a free workout plan for every need. On this website we are going to teach you about muscle strength and stamina plus a lot more. You’ll learn how to achieve a leaner body mass. And you’ll come to understand that exercise keeps your metabolism going strong. It protects your overall bone mineral density as you approach middle age. You’ll develop an overall sense of balance and stability.

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Free Workout Plan - Universal Principles in Workouts

No matter what free workout plan you choose, they’re all based on the same principals: You put stress on your muscles, you rest them so that they can recover, and you put more stress on them. The most important phase is the recovery phase, because that’s when the muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments become stronger.

We have lots of routines here for a couple reasons. First, you need to exercise different muscles on different days, and you need to develop different routines for the same muscle groups. This creates what we call “muscle confusion” it keeps them at a peak state so that you don’t fall into developmental plateaus.

Also, we know that people are different. What works for one person might not keep someone else coming back for more. And we have an ever-growing database of workouts, always free to you! Let’s look at some of the categories of exercises that you’ll find here.

If you visit our list of exercises, you’ll find routines listed for chest, back, bicep, triceps, forearm, leg, shoulder, and abdominals. We suggest you look at routines for individual body areas and choose a couple from each. Many of them are linked to video demonstrations so you’ll know exactly how to do them and why they benefit you.

Using a Flat or Inclined Bench

We want you to understand why a specific routine works. Bench work is great for your chest and abs. But why do some routines call for incline bench and some for decline? Because changing the angle of the bench forces more involvement of upper or lower pectorals during your workout. And while the flat bench gets your deltoids involved, the incline bench really works them out.

Click on the musculature chart to appreciate the total amount of anatomy involved in a workout. It’s easy to see why barbell wrist curls access different muscles than reverse-grip preacher curls. You’re also going to hear advice about things like using low weight and high reps on delicate forearm anatomy, for example.

It’s hard to believe that something like a dumbbell deadlift will work not only your hamstrings, glutes, and quads, but also your traps and forearms. A front squat will also do your hams, glutes, and quads, but its secondary focus is on your calves and lower back.

Many people argue the virtues of squats versus lunges. Some will say that with squats you can employ more weight with less chance of damage to the knees. Others argue for the gluteal strength you can develop with the lunge. Check out our list of exercises and try out a specific free workout plan.

Here’s your first workout, if you’re unsure where to get started. On your first day, just try one set of each of these to see what they’re like. Then split them up so that you work your arms and shoulders one day, your legs another day, and your chest and back another day.

General Instructions for an Effective Workout

  • Any good workout begins with a warm-up-a walk around the block before you get to the gym, or fifteen minutes on the treadmill.

  • Then you work the biceps, with the Barbell Preacher Curls. Be careful to use your biceps and not your shoulders, so start with light weight.

  • Next do some Close-Grip Lateral Pull-downs for your back.

  • Move on to Triceps work, with Behind-the-Head Lying Tricep Extension. Again, start with light weights and go slowly.

  • Hit the chest fly with either bent or straight arms.

  • Try the incline bench for some chest presses.

  • Add some split squats, and

  • Finish with crunches, three sets of 25.

Abdominal Workouts

Include ab work at each of these sessions, crunches or leg raises.

Form is always more important than reps or load. Just a few carefully performed sit-ups will do you better than 25 rushed ones that work your legs more than your abs.

And listen to your “muscles” if you have a sore back or shoulders, then work your legs instead, and vice versa.


No matter what your level of fitness, we invite your questions. And besides a free workout plan, we offer advice on nutrition, supplements, equipment, and all matters fitness.

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