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Frozen Shoulder Exercises - Effective Shoulder Pain Relief Strategies

By Joe Brent, Shoulder Pain Expert & Creator of www.ShoulderPainNoMore.com

Suffering from shoulder pain can ruin your life. It affects your mood because you are unable to do all the things you want , even things as simple as carrying your shopping home without clenching your face in pain.

I once suffered from shoulder pain. I was in pain for weeks, struggled through each day with low mobility and severely limited use of my arm. Luckily, I discovered some effective strategies and frozen shoulder exercises for treating shoulder pain which I will share with you now.

frozen shoulder exercises,

First of all - Let's take a loot at what is NOT good:

* Rest - generally prescribed by most doctors, it can have beneficial effects only for minor injuries with low levels of pain. However, in most cases rest can have a negative effect on your injury because it allows the joint to stiffen up, which causes more pain.

* Anti-inflammatories - also prescribed by many doctors, anti-inflammatory drugs will lower swelling in the joint which reduces pain and allows the injury to heal.

However, you have to be careful not to get hooked on these drugs for pain relief. If you stop taking them and you still feel shoulder pain, then you need to try something better.

* Electronic gadgets - There are tons of gadgets designed to relieve shoulder pain via infra-red, ultra-sound and other hi-tech methods. Nonetheless, the only true hi-tech solution is surgery. However, you can avoid that with my special techniques.

So what IS good?

  • Stretches - Designed to loosen your shoulder joint, relax the tendons and muscles while improving mobility and flexibility that will work to reduce shoulder pain.
  • Frozen Shoulder Exercises - Designed to strengthen your inner shoulder muscles, promote the healing process and rebuild damage caused by injury and ultimately cure shoulder pain alltogether.

These techniques are very easy and convenient to do in the comfort of your own home and can be done in just a few minutes a day. Furthermore, they don't require any special equipment and people of all ages can use them to get rid of shoulder pain.

I wrote am in-depth book about my experiences outlining these special stretches and exercise techniques. Visit my website to get more information about the book and use the same techniques to treat your shoulder pain today.


frozen shoulder exercises,

About the Author

Joe Brent is a recognized shoulder pain expert and has helped many men and women get rid of shoulder pain for good by developing a unique and effective shoulder pain relief program that represents a culmination of hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of dozens of medical and sports professionals. His program is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Joe Brent's program explains the anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanisms of injury and the rationale for choosing specific treatments and exercises. His readers get a detailed manual to direct their recovery program.

For more information on how he can help you with shoulder pain relief visit www.shoulderpainnomore.com

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