Hip Circles

STEP 1Sit on the floor and place a foam pad or folded exercise mat underneath your butt. Your arms will be behind you and they will help keep your upper body propped up.
STEP 2Raise your legs off the floor with your knees bent and, while keeping them together, rotate your legs around in a circular motion.
STEP 3Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.
Special Notes
Get into a comfortable position with your arms. Don't lower your upper body too much. It should be at least at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Anything less than that and you will be putting unwanted pressure on your lower back area.

The key to executing this movement is in taking the time to adjust your body position and get the angles of your knees and arms just right. Thus, take time in experimenting with these positions until you feel that you are comfortable. If it feels right, it most likely is. If you feel too uncomfortable in any way, try to assess why you are uncomfortable. Is your back uncomfortable because your arms are too far back, or perhaps spread apart too wide? Or, are you legs extended forward too much, resulting in pressure on your lower back area?

Whatever the cause of your discomfort, spend a few moments trying to determine the cause. Performing this exercise in front of a mirror may prove the best solution as it will allow you to quickly see how your body position looks and what the angles of your knees, arms and torso look like. Thus, if at all possible, perform this exercise by looking at yourself in the mirror.

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