Hip Thrusts

STEP 1Lie down on your back and bend your legs 90 degrees at the hip. Place your hands to your sides.
STEP 2Slowly raise your hips off the floor and towards the ceiling.
STEP 3Lower hips back towards the floor and repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.
Special Notes
You will notice that you will instinctively want to push yourself up with your hands. Try not to do this as it defeats the purpose of the exercise. You have to try to raise your hips off the ground with your core (mid-section) to reap the full benefits of this movement.

This exercise is very effective for tightening and strengthening your mid-section and best of all, everyone can do it - beginners and a advanced exercisers alike.

You might find this movement less challenging after a while which means that you should try to increase the level of resistance. You can do this by putting on ankle weights and then performing the exercise. If you are at a gym that is equipped well they might already have ankle weights. If you are doing this exercise at home, buying a pair of ankle weights is inexpensive and is a good investment especially since you can use them for jogging as well.

In any case, increasing the level of resistance is an inevitable occurrence because the assumption is that your core will get stronger and stronger as you perform this exercise over time. Thus, making it more challenging for yourself (your core) is an essential part of exercise progress. If you fail to properly increase the level of difficulty you will find yourself faced with a plateau at which point you will have diminishing returns for the amount of time and energy you invest in this particular exercise.

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