by Nicole
(Lehigh county, pennsylvania, USA)

I'm a 30 yr old mother of 4 (2 single pregnancies and a twin pregnancy). I suffer from diastis recti of approximately 1.8 finger widths. I'm rather short too standing at only 5 feet 2 and 1/3 inches tall and weighing in at 125 lbs. My ribs are visible (quite nasty to look at since I look like I'm starving to death).

My measurements are:
31 inch bust
26 inch waist (bottom of my rib cage)
And 35 inch hips

If not for my diastis recti I would have a waist of approximately 24 to 25 inches. Sadly, after loosing all the baby weight I also lost my butt and boobs (take a moment to cry for my lost femininity). I barely fit my 34b bra and while pregnant I wore a 34c. I'm almost in an A cup bra now and that's at the above mentioned measurements!

The numbers don't matter. It's how we feel, right?
I wish my boobs had stayed the pre-pregnancy size but at least I don't have to worry about health hazards like extra weight on the midsection. And my own mother calls me "skinny B*!€#"... Not sure if I should be mad or laugh since she is seriously overweight and cries about it but drinks wine like her life depends on it and doesn't exercise.

Long story-short: don't compare. We are all beautiful. Comparing won't change your appearance but it will change your self esteem and ultimately your overall well being.

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