Wondering About How Do Muscles Grow?

How do Muscles Grow?

If you don’t have much knowledge about carpentry, can you build a house?

Of course not.

As they old saying goes: "knowledge is power", and to be able to complete any task to a satisfactory outcome, you need to have, some rudimentary knowledge about the task at hand.

So, your exercise mantra should be "Work smart, not hard".

Unfortunately, this mantra is completely overlooked by many wannabe bodybuilders who flock to gyms everywhere attempting to build muscle and lose fat.

To validate and verify my statement, simply ask any of them a simple question: "How do muscles grow"? All you will get in response is a blank stare.

You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in biology to build big and strong muscles, but a basic idea of the muscle building process will most certainly help you to efficiently meet your muscle building goals.

You must be asking now "How do muscles grow?".

First off, muscle-building is actually a very complex process that involves a vast number of steps. As a bodybuilder, all you need is a basic understanding of the basic concepts of muscle growth.

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So, how do muscles grow? Let’s take a look at the science behind it all.

Keep this in mind when you train: keeping us alive and healthy is the single most important function of every process and action that goes on within our bodies.

In fact, according to Mother Nature, we have just one singular purpose: to reproduce and pass on our DNA.

It’s really as simple as that.

So, let’s answer the question “how do muscles grow?”.

The human body as we know it is the result of millions of years of evolution, and to be able to ensure its survival, it has created natural "alarm" systems that go off as a response to stress.

For instance, you feel hungry when you don’t eat, you feel thirsty if you don’t drink, feel pain when something hurts you and you tan when you’re skin is exposed to the sun.

The muscle growth process should be thought of in the same way.

"Hypertrophy" is the scientific term for muscle-building and the short and technical answer to the question of "how do muscles grow".

When you work out, what you’re essentially doing is placing your muscles under stress by lifting weights.

Your muscles come closer and closer to failure with every repetition, which means at one point, they will simply "give out", and you won't be able to do any more reps, regardless of hard you try.

As they come towards the point of failure, these reps create deeper and deeper inroads throughout your muscle fiber, resulting in what we call "micro-tears".

This actually means that you’re inflicting a form of damage on the muscle fibers and breaking them down.

When the body is damaged, the survival system will kicks in and the body reacts by repairing the muscles.

The repair process starts when the stress is over or when you stop working out.

Since the body’s ultimate aim is to keep you alive and healthy, it will rebuild itself and it's muscle to be bigger and stronger so that it can protect itself against the same threat in the future. This is the basis of the how do muscles grow equation.

Therefore, this increased size and strength is a natural evolutionary response to the micro-tears. The body tries to repair the damaged tissue caused by training.

This concept may seem simple, but understanding it is very important for the muscle building success.

Muscle building happens in the same way calluses form on the skin when it's overused. Like a callus, muscles are like calluses for the body which grow more and more with constant use.

When your work out, your body initiates a process of adaptation designed to help it cope with stress, but this will ONLY happen when your body perceives the workout in the gym as a threat to its survival.

Let me stress this once more: your workout has to be perceived as a threat to the body’s ability to survive and cope.

So now you see why a nonchalant workout attitude will not do anything for you in the gym. Only when your workouts are intense, will your body perceive it as a threat and your muscles will grow.

Now you know the basics! It’s time to use this knowledge to fuel your muscles for growth.


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