Wondering About How to Lose Man Boobs?

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How to Lose Man Boobs

By Jason Ferruggia, Men's Health Magazine Columnist & Head Training Advisor
Author of Muscle Gaining Secrets

Seinfeld fans will never forget the episode where Frank Costanza and Kramer invented the mansierre - a bra for men with excessive breast development. While it was hysterically funny, some people were uncomfortable because in reality there is a large number of men who have "moobs" or man boobs. If you want to lose man boobs read on.

Man boobs develop due to excessive body fat levels. However, it can also be because the presence of high levels of estrogen. Having high estrogen levels not only causes you to gain body fat in the chest and lower abdomen area but also leads to numerous health issues. Unfortunately an increasing number of males are suffering from high estrogen levels and this is leading to the feminization of the male species as we know it.

It needs to be stopped before it’s too late.

How do you/we do that?

Easy. Follow my advice and you'll get your estrogen levels in check.

How to Lose Man Boobs - Steps to Follow

  1. Don’t eat fake food. If a cavemen couldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t eat it either. The chemicals and artificial junk they put in foods these days can lead to elevated estrogen levels and a host of other health problems.
  2. Avoid eating and drinking from plastic containers as much as possible.
  3. Eat only organic, chemical-free, organic produce that you can purchase from local farmers markets.
  4. Avoid all meat and dairy unless you're sure it's drug-free and organic. The drugs and hormones that go into most animal and dairy products will wreak abolute havoc on your body, and drastically boost estrogen levels.
  5. Consume fish no more than once or twice a week. Fish is loaded with PCB’s and dioxins that should be avoided as much as possible.
  6. Drink only purified water. Water quality continues to worsen and is filled with numerous toxins and estrogen boosting compounds.
  7. Eat citrus fruits regularly and frequently.
  8. Eat lots of fibrous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.
  9. If you have to drink alcohol try not to drink beer because it's highly estrogenic. Red wine is a much better choice and is actually anti-estrogenic.
  10. Eat plenty of organic nuts and seeds. High intakes of organic nuts have been known to increase virility in men.
  11. Finally, be sure to train with short, high intensity workouts because they boost testosterone levels and decrease estrogen. The wrong training program can actually make things worse.
To increase your testosterone levels, get rid of excessive estrogen and learn more about how to lose man boobs for good visit my website below.


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About the Author

Jason Ferruggia is a renowned fitness expert known for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible.

He has trained thousands of clients during his 14 years as a professional fitness coach, including more than 500 athletes from over 20 different sports.

Jason has written hundreds of articles for numerous top rated training magazines and websites and has authored four mega-popular fitness books.

He is also the head training advisor for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building.

For more great muscle building information, please visit www.musclegainingsecrets.com

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