How to Read Nutrition Label?

How to read nutrition label - What you should look at?

Knowing how to properly interpret nutrition facts on labels and figure-out what ingredients are beneficial to you and what ingredients you should limit is essential to optimal health and wellbeing! When buying foods you should get used to looking at the food labels.

Take a look at a sample food label here and use it as a guideline for reading other labels.

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% Daily Value - Quick Guide

  • 5% or less is LOW
  • 20% or more is HIGH
You will note that carbohydrates, sugar and protein have not been highlighted.

Carbohydrates are not the enemy (contrary to what many fad diets may have told us). In fact, they are needed by our body for energy. However, we must note that the best source of quality carbohydrates are from brown rice, wheat, barley, pasta, fruits, whole grains, oatmeal and whole grain cereals.

Protein is essential for muscle building and without it our body cannot function properly. When reading a food label - protein is good!

Sugar on the other hand is a tricky one. Natural sugar that comes from fruits is good but the sugar that comes from processed, canned, dried or artificially sweetened foods is not good because it contributes to weight gain due to the fact that sugar is easily converted into fat. In any case, it's best to get your sugar from natural sources such as fruit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to get into the habit of checking nutrition labels on foods that you buy. It may be annoying and cumbersome in the beginning but after a while you will find something interesting ocuring - you will start to memorize the nutritional values for many of the foods that you buy on a regular basis.

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