Ideal Body Weight Charts

One of the easiest ways to figure out your ideal body weight is by looking up ideal body weight charts that are Body Mass Index (BMI) charts which help you find your optimal weight according to your age and height.

The BMI index is a widely used measure that is a person's body weight divided by the square of their height.

One thing this index doesn't measure is percentage of body fat. This is one of the main criticisms of the BMI. Namely, a muscular person with lean muscle mass can be classified as overweight according to the BMI charts.

Thus, our suggestion is to use this chart only as a rough guide when trying to determine your ideal body weight. It's by no means the "be all and end all" of determinants! Take it with a grain of salt.

If your an athlete or someone that is into fitness and bodybuilding you are better off using a body fat calculator to dermine your level of fitness.

Below you will find the ideal body weight charts for:

  • adults ages 21 and up
  • boys ages 2 to 20
  • girls ages 2 to 20

BMI Chart for Adults (21 and up)

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Above is a graph of the Body Mass Index. The dashed lines represent subdivisions within each major class. For instance the "Underweight" category is further divided into "severe", "moderate" and "mild" subclasses.

BMI For Boys (2 to 20)

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The Body Mass Index is used differently for children. The calculation is the same as for adults. However, each child's BMI value is compared to typical (average) values for other children within the same age group and of the same sex.

A child with a BMI number that's smaller than the 5th percentile is considered to be underweight and above the 95th percentile is considered obese. Children with a BMI number between the 85th and 95th percentile are considered overweight.

BMI Chart for Girls (2 to 20)

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