Ideal Female Body Measurements VS Ideal Male Body Measurements!

by Lars
(London (UK))

Model Agencies and may have the 34-24-34 ratio because the camera puts 7 pounds on the models, thus making them appear fuller than they actually are in reality.

However, the ideal male idea doesn't agree with model-agencies. Most men in the Western hemisphere prefer slim build with 37-23-34! And height no shorter than 5ft 9 inches, and no taller than 5ft 11 inches. The taller the woman, the better able she is to carry this in and out ratio. A long, slim, curvy waist is the absolute ideal! This isn't so apparent on woman under 5ft 9 inches. Also, any shorter and 37 inch bust looks ridiculous.

Interesting topic. But also goes to show, that very few people can fit any cultural ideal, including US/MEN!!!

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